2023 EVIDENT Organoid Conference to share the latest organoid innovations

Building on the momentum from last year’s conference, the 2023 Evident Organoid Conference will highlight organoid innovations that are poised to accelerate progress in drug research and discovery. Taking place on February 8, 2023, this virtual conference brings together experts from the Asia-Pacific region to discuss their latest research discoveries. 

Image Credit: Evident Corporation

Organoids mimic real human organs, and the cultivation of organoids has been a significant breakthrough for the scientific community. The conference will showcase the divers applications of organoids, which have the potential to transform the field of biomedica research, drug discovery and the development of personalized medicine.

Featured speakers

  • Dr. Anne Beghin, research assistant professor at the National University of Singapore;
  • Dr. Arnold Ju, DECRA fellow at the Australian Research Council, University of Sydney, Australia;
  • Dr. Fuqian Xie, cofounder and chief scientific officer at Shanghai Biocast Biotechnology Co. Ltd., China;
  • Dr. Ramray Bhat, assistant professor at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India; 
  • Dr. Yosuke Yoneyama, assistant professor at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan.

To learn more and register today, visit https://www.olympus-lifescience.com/en/ask-the-experts/webinars/evident-organoid-conference-2023/


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