A number of Infected after Church service in Frankfurt – Region as a whole affected

10. May take place in Frankfurt (Main) a Church service. This is not prohibited, moreover, you have kept to all the rules, assure person in charge of the Baptist Church. But, it happened anyway: a number of people throughout the Region have been infected by the worship, apparently with the Coronavirus.

After a worship service in a congregation of Baptists in Frankfurt, several members have been infected with the Coronavirus. The &quot reported;Frankfurt Rundschau". The Deputy head of the Frankfurt health authority, Antoni Walczok, said thus: “It is a very dynamic Happen.” Believers from the entire Rhine-Main region to be affected, the report says.

The exact number of infections is still unclear, however, exclusively in Hanau, Germany, 16 people tested positive, which are assigned to the chain of infection.

"For us, it is a difficult Lage"

The service of worship was held on 10. May be held in the prayer house of the gospel Christians-Baptists-Church. The Chairman of the Association spent currently at the hospital, reported the newspaper. "We have cancelled all meetings. Church services there are now only online", the Vice-Chairman of the Association of the municipality, Vladimir Pritzkau (64) said on Saturday. "For us it is a difficult situation." The exact number of the Affected could not even call Pritzkau. Most were at home, six were in hospitals.

The rules were not injured, according to the health service. Worship services were allowed at the time in Hessen. “There was no breach of a legal regulation,” said Walczok the "Rundschau". The rules would also be required to register the names and addresses of visitors. The number of participants, there have been no guidelines.

How many visitors came to the worship of God, he could "not exactly sagen", municipality Vice-Pritzkau said. "We are, however, all rules are respected." There was a disinfectant, in the prescribed distance had been observed.

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