Alzheimer’s can be delayed by five years by playing card games and doing puzzles

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“Our findings suggest it may be beneficial to start doing these things even in your 80s to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s.” The study, published in the journal Neurology, tracked 1,978 people with an average age of 80.

From the group, 457 cases of Alzheimer’s were diagnosed – with an average age of 94 for those with the highest levels of cognitive activity.

This compared to 89 for patients with the lowest, after taking into account other risk factors like education and gender.

Professor Wilson said: “Neither education nor early life cognitive activity were associated with the age at which a person developed Alzheimer’s.

“Our research suggests the link between cognitive activity and the age at which a person developed dementia is mainly driven by the activities you do later in life.”

It is thought more than 920,000 Britons have the condition.
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