Bindi Irwin Shares the Sweetest Video of Daughter Grace Admiring ‘Bunny and Grandpa Crocodile’ & Our Hearts Are Melting

Becoming a parent also means seeing your parents transition into the beloved role of grandparents. Formerly strict people are now sneaking sweets to toddlers and showing tons of love and care to a new generation. Bindi Irwin may have lost her dad, Steve Irwin, at a young age, but she still sees the love and admiration Grace has for him and her mom, Terri Iwrin.

The Crikey! It’s the Irwins star shared an emotional video to Instagram yesterday, showing her 17-month-old daughter, whom she shares with husband Chandler Powell, admiring a huge picture of Terri and the late Crocodile Hunter at the Australia Zoo. The photo is an ad for a wildlife experience that guests can book at the zoo, featuring a throwback photo of Steve and Terri holding a koala. It’s a cool photo op for fans, but for Grace, it’s just a huge photo of her “Bunny and Grandpa Crocodile.”

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“Koala!” Irwin says in the video, as Grace walks closer to the picture and tries to give it a hug. “Love for koala and Bunny and Grandpa Crocodile.”

“What a sweetheart,” Irwin says, adding, “Do you love them?” Then she asks the toddler, “Where’s Grandpa Crocodile?” and Grace points to Steve without hesitating. She knows him so well, even though she’s never met him, and we are sobbing it’s so sweet.

Then Irwin asks, “Where’s Bunny?” and Grace turns and walks right toward Terri. She even points out the koala after Irwin asks her. Such a smart girl!

“Tears in my eyes as I share this video,” the Australia Zoo conservationist captioned her post. “We call my mum and dad, Bunny and Grandpa Crocodile with Grace. She loves them (and koalas) dearly. On every zoo walk she searches for pictures of her grandparents and it is beyond beautiful. ❤️”

Powell commented, “❤️.”

The Australia Zoo commented, “Gets us every time❤️🥲” and Wildlife Warriors Worldwide added, “Now we’re crying too 🫶.”

People were loving it as well, with one person writing, “I’m telling you Bindi, Grace 100% knows exactly who he is. I have no doubt in my heart he spent time with her in heaven before God sent her to your womb❤️.”

Another commented, “Why did I just cry my eyes out!!!😭 So beautiful…. I just love her. We all still hold Steve close in our hearts too, lil mate❤️.”

Irwin seems to be doing her best to keep her dad’s memories alive for fans and for her daughter. She’s previously shared a photo of her holding Grace to show her pictures of Steve on the wall of the new Crocodile Hunter Lodge. She always shares the cutest videos of her walks with Grace, too, including one where Grace tries to sneak up on stone elephants.

She’s building precious memories with her daughter and honoring the past at the same time, which is such a beautiful thing to see!

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