Bindi Irwin's Daughter Grace Looks More Grown Up Than Ever In an Enchanting Snow Day Photo

Bindi Irwin’s daughter is growing up!

In a new photo shared by the Australian conservationist, 2-year-old Grace Warrior is noticeably losing some of her baby-like features. Her hair is longer than ever, and she’s standing tall on her own — we can’t believe how grown up she’s starting to look.

Irwin took to Instagram to post the snapshot, which captured a sweet moment during a snow day with Grace. The mom and daughter duo are standing in an enchanting wooded setting with a vast expanse of trees and bushes blanketed in winter’s dust. While Grace beams at the camera, looking adorable as ever in navy snow pants and a pink floral patterned puffer coat, Irwin is crouching next to her daughter with an equally bright smile on her face as she stares at the tiny tot.

The whimsical photo has a Hallmark holiday movie vibe, making it all the more precious. The 24-year-old captioned the post, “Snowflakes in our hair, love in our hearts.” Hallmark. Movie. Vibes! It’s seriously so sweet, and fans of the Irwin family think so, too.

One well-wisher commented on the winter wonderland moment, “Grace Warrior always hugs my heart! ❤️” Another observed the little girl’s likeness to her mom, writing, “She looks just like you! So pretty 💖.” And, like us, others couldn’t help but notice how big Grace is getting. “She’s growing so fast 😮 Make her stop 😂❤️,” another fan wrote.

A lot of people were really thrown by the snowy scene in Australia as well — because the continent is located in the southern hemisphere, its seasons are reversed from that of those in the northern hemisphere. Thus, while North America is enjoying summer at the moment, Australia is in the throes of winter. Even by sharing a treasured moment with Grace, Irwin is spreading knowledge about Earth’s many climates and habitats, just like her beloved father before her.

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