Corona-Drama in New York: patients with respiratory problems – hours later they are dead

A field hospital in the middle of the Central Park, a mass rush to the boards and a mayor who calls for medical assistance by the army: In the Corona-crisis New York is like a war zone. The otherwise vibrant US-coast metropolis is preparing for a looming disaster because of the pandemic. Doctors warn of what might come to the city.

New York has developed in rapid speed to the center of the Corona-crisis in the USA. With a view to increasing Coronavirus cases in his city of New York doctor Shamit Patel feared the worst. "We have not exceeded our capacity, but we plan on Exceeding the capacity ein", Patel told the news Agency AFP.

Yet ten days ago, only half of his patients had been in hospital Beth Israel in Manhattan Coronavirus-Infected, said Patel. However, the number of new infections increases in New York exponentially. "Measured at the Rate that I watch, could have reached the peak sometime between the end of this week and a date in the next week sein", Patel said.

In New York alone 790 people died already on the Coroanvirus

Measured in terms of the infection, the US numbers are now the hardest hit by the Coronavirus pandemic affected country in the world. More than 164,000 people have been infected, according to the official, more than 3000 Infected died. Alone in the city of New York already 36.000 infections were registered, 790 people were killed.

"The location is a Herausforderung", Paul Haser, Director of the vascular laboratory and assistant Professor of surgery at the &quot says;Brookdale Hospital Medical Center" in the New York city borough of Brooklyn, for "Bild"-Newspaper. On a single day in the "Brookdale" least 13 people have died, according to the doctor.

"I’ve seen patients with minor respiratory problems, came here and hours later, dead waren"

Hasers colleague Don Kohan, a surgeon and specialist in critical care, speaks of a "ghastly Erreger". Surprisingly, it was for the doctors, that the Virus "not only the lungs but also other organs, the brain, the kidneys, the heart and the gastro-intestinal tract attacks." Haser to "Bild"-Newspaper: "I’ve seen patients with minor respiratory problems, came here and hours later were dead." They died of failure of multiple organ. The body is shut off in such a way that we see with almost any viral infection. The "really schockierend".

Due to the absence of a suitable medicinal product and the patient would be taken in many places in the artificial respiration. There are even hospitals, where the patients directly into an artificial coma would enable the reports to the Doctors.

All further information on the Coronavirus, you read in the News-Ticker of FOCUS Online.

Almost daily, the New York city mayor Bill de Blasio and the Governor of the state of New York, Andrew Cuomo, highlighting, currently the need for more ventilators. 400 additional devices should be arriving by the end of the week in the city, said De Blasio on Monday. The upcoming Sunday was the decisive day for New York.

Internist warns of bottlenecks in the supply

The New York physicians Patel feared a scenario like in some regions of Northern Italy, where Doctors, because of the overwhelming number of patients have to decide who is treated and who must die. In the crisis, Doctors would diagnose their patients faster and therapy measures, said the Internist. Probably the number of patients per doctor &quot had to;doubled or verdreifacht" be, said the 46-Year-old more. This could, however, be continued to infinity, because then there is no effective treatment is possible.

Also the possible bottlenecks in the supply of the Internist looks of concern, especially with a view to ventilation devices. When many patients come at once to the hospital, which would have to be artificially ventilated, "then you need to start auszuwählen", he said. dpa In New York will be the first makeshift hospital in the Central Park, in the vicinity of the Mount Sinai hospital, built up

Field hospital in Central Park

The Aid Organization Samaritan's Purse was built on Sunday in New York’s Central Park, a field hospital for the supply of Corona patients. Normally, in the 70s, the Organisation is in of war or natural disaster-stricken areas of major crisis.

For the relief of the hospitals in the Coronavirus-crisis, a hospital ship of the US military arrived in the port of New York.

The "USNS Comfort", on Monday morning (local time) on the West side of Manhattan who had had 1000 beds and 12 operating theatres, and could take within the next 24 hours, the first patient, informed the local authorities on Monday.

On the ship, and patients should be supplied, which are not infected with the Virus in the city’s hospitals beds for Coronavirus patients free. Finally, the &quot had;USNS Comfort" after the terrorist attacks of September 11. September 2001 in the port of New York created. Reuters/Guang Yu/XinHua/Reuters The hospital ship “USNS Comfort” of the US Navy arrives in the port of New York City. The ship is supposed to relieve the hospitals of the city, and Covid-19-patients.

Trump warns of "very, very pain two Wochen&quot liable;

US President, Donald Trump had warned the U.S. population on the Tuesday before, the Corona-crisis in the next two weeks will continue to worsen. The country &quot would be;very, very painful two Wochen" before. The President appealed to all citizens, "to sein&quot on the hard days prepared;.

Trump had been accused of in the first weeks of the crisis, to play down the extent of the threat.

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