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In spite of the Corona-pandemic: In the case of suspected emergency 112 call

German cardiologist indoor and cardiologists report a striking decline of patients who present because of a suspected heart attack in the emergency room. In the case of a heart attack or other emergency the Hesitation is life-threatening. The clinics indicate that you are prepared in spite of the Corona-pandemic for emergencies of any kind.

The German heart Foundation e. V. and the German Foundation for heart research warn explicitly not to hesitate in cases of suspected myocardial infarction with the emergency. Also during the Corona-crisis Heart patients continue to be supplied in the best possible way. The reason for the notification an unusual decrease of cardiac emergency calls in the last few weeks.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death

Even if the current Corona-crisis makes many people afraid, you have to remember that every year in Germany, approximately 345,000 people, cardiovascular-dying diseases of 47,000 people alone on the heart attack. A decrease of heart was registered-emergency calls, which is especially pronounced, where COVID is 19 more.

Hesitation is dangerous to life, even during the Corona-crisis

This is an indication that people shy away from in spite of existing problems, to make the emergency call 112. The foundations urge not to hesitate in no case, when a suspected cardiac emergencies or other emergencies is available.

Why go back to the emergency calls?

Similar was also reported in experience reports of Doctors from Italy and Spain, where more severe complications in the infarction patients pile up in the Wake of the Corona pandemic. This Gabriele Gasparini from Milan, and Professor Hector Bueno from Madrid report, for example. The German foundations suggests that many patients are afraid in the hospital with the Coronavirus to infect.

“May be it is due to the fact that the patients, the medical staff for the treatment of COVID-19 don’t want to bother’,” explains Dott. Salvatore Cassese from the German heart centre Munich.

The doors of the emergency rooms are still open

The heart specialist, Professor Dr. med. Heribert Schunkert reminded that symptoms of pain such as acute chest and acute shortness of breath is urgently clarified, and the doors of the emergency rooms are open to such cases and other emergencies at any time. “The heart attack is a life-threatening disease, an immediate treatment in the hospital is needed,” explains the heart expert. A time delay could weakness severe health consequences such as a heart or heart rhythm disorders, with sudden death.

High Standards to avoid infection

“Hospitals with Chest Pain Units are optimally equipped, even in this difficult time, patients with heart complaints to clarify and to act in the case of a heart attack quickly and effectively,” says the cardiologist. “As the highest level of hygienic Standards to avoid a COVID-19 disease in the hospital.”

Appeal to the population

The German heart Foundation and the German heart center in Munich, therefore, appeal to the population, immediately to the emergency 112 should be made as soon as a suspected heart attack has occurred. Of course, this also counts for all other emergencies. “Even in these times of every Minute: so in the case of typical symptoms, don’t hesitate and equal to the emergency call”, so Schunkert counts in a heart attack.

The emergency physician can prevent sudden cardiac death

Emergency medical help is so important because of the heart attack move at any time in ventricular fibrillation and the Affected in a few minutes on sudden cardiac death, the lapse can inherit. Similarly, a greater part of the heart muscle is irreparably could be destroyed by the infarct. As a result, may develop an acute or long-term heart weakness. When heart attack, every Minute counts that’s why.

What are the typical symptoms of a heart attack are?

The German heart Foundation summarises the typical symptoms of a heart attack, which is immediately to the 112 emergency call needs to be: