Fans Speculate Kourtney Kardashian May Have Her Baby On a Date That Will Fuel Her Feud With Sister Kim Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian Barker is nearing the end of her pregnancy, and fans are starting to speculate her due date could be another source of contention between herself and her estranged sister Kim Kardashian.

On Wednesday, the Poosh founder shared a few chic, fall-themed bump photos on her Instagram. With her belly looking as swollen as ever, many people took to the comments to muse about the timing of the impending arrival of her son with husband Travis Barker.

After Kourtney’s intense fight with Kim on last week’s episode of The Kardashians, during which the sisters attempted to hash out their many grievances including Kim’s opinion that Kourtney stole her “wedding country” and musician and Kourtney’s opinion that Kim made her wedding day about herself by scheduling business meetings during the nuptials, fans are joking about how ironic it would be if the Lemme founder’s baby is born on October 21 — Kim’s birthday. What a silly little tit-for-tat cosmic retaliation that would be! In all seriousness, it’s so trivial and petty that you can’t help but laugh.

“Watch her have the baby on her arch nemesis’s birthday (Oct 21) lmaooo,” one person commented under Kourtney’s Instagram post, with another responding, “that would literally make Kim so mad😂😂😂another person sharing attention on her birthday 😡.”

Someone else wrote, “She gone have that baby on Kim birthday watch😩🤣.” Another fan jokingly replied, “I don’t think Kim would allow that! 😅,” while someone else commented, “watch her have an induction just to do so 😂.”

All drama aside, other fans of the expecting mom mused about how fitting it would be for her son to be born on Halloween given her and Barker’s penchant for a dark aesthetic. “Having a Halloween 🎃 baby would fit you and Travis perfectly for the goth theme,” one person wrote. Another speculated, “I bet you are hoping this baby will be born on Halloween, that would [be] your dream I know it haha I wouldn’t doubt it to happen! 🖤.”

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It’s only a matter of time until Baby Barker arrives earthside — better place your bets for the likelihood of Kim accusing Kourtney of stealing her birthday, too!

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