Grans inoperable cancer melts away after using pioneering drug

What are the signs of ovarian cancer?

A gran’s inoperable cancer has melted away after taking a “pioneering” new drug.

Sue Vincent, 69, has been described as “living proof” the drug Olaparib works and she is delighted she has been able to see her five grandchildren born since taking it. 

The drug treats inherited cancer and has since been approved for wider NHS use.

Sue, from Solihull, West Midlands, joined a clinical trial for a new drug called Olaparib and has now taken in since 2010. Her recent scans snow no evidence of overian cancer, which she had been told was inoperable.

And the pensioner was awarded an MBE in 2011 for helping disabled people find work in her role with a council, reports Birmingham Live.

Now, Olaparib has been approved for the treatment of breast and prostate cancer caused by inherited faulty BRCA-1 or BRCA-2 genes. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) approved the drug in the hope it will offer the chance of longer and healthier lives for thousands of patients, like Sue.

Sue said: “For the past 12 years I have been taking Olaparib and it has given me my life back. It has enabled me to see five beautiful grandchildren being born and to take an active part in their life.  It has enabled me to go back to work and build a significant business for myself. I’ve even been awarded an MBE for my work in local government, supporting people with disabilities.

“I’m back doing all the things I did pre-diagnosis. It’s given me a quality of life I could only have dreamed about. My prognosis was so dire that really and truthfully any life was going to be good. This life is very, very good.”

Olaparib had already been available on the NHS for women with advanced ovarian cancer but now the drug will be used to treat more patients. Sue thanks the “”sheer excellence” of the scientists and researchers who have allowed her to have an “amazing 12 years so far”.

The professional networker said: “I am delighted with the news from NICE that Olaparib is going to be made available. Here I am, all these years later, living proof that Olaparib works.

“One of the things that’s been very difficult for me to come to terms with is how lucky I have been that I had access to Olaparib; and I want it to be available for everybody that needs it. I can only thank the powers that have been that made this decision because it will make a difference to so many people’s lives. Thank you!”

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