Mum given terminal cancer diagnosis after experiencing bad stomach pain

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A mum says she will be “reunited” with two of her sons who passed away at young ages after a terminal cancer diagnosis.

Erin Harvey went to the doctor in January this year after experiencing bad stomach pain.

Initially the 30-year-old was diagnosed with pancreatitis, inflammation of the pancreas, but after her skin started to turn yellow, she had an endoscopy to look inside her body.

It was during this procedure that doctors discovered a tumour in her digestive system.

She was diagnosed with ampullary cancer – a rare form of the disease found in the digestive system.

In February she underwent an operation to remove the 37 by 45mm tumour.

Surgeons also removed her gallbladder, most of her pancreas bile duct, and part of her small intestine and told her she should be cancer-free.

Erin, from Ffair Rhos in Wales, was due to start chemotherapy in June to remove the remaining cancer cells but after she struggled with further stomach pain it was discovered the disease had spread to her liver.

Now the support worker has been told the cancer is terminal – and has been given anywhere between six months to a year to live.

Erin tragically lost her son Zac, three, in a caravan fire three years ago, and her son, Tyler, passed away in 2012 when he was five months old due to a cardiac arrest.

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She will leave behind her surviving sons – Harley, eight, who was injured in the fire, and Alex, 13, as well as her fiancé, Dan, 26.

Despite this the mum is remaining as positive as she can and has written cards for her boys’ milestones – including their birthdays, weddings and when they become parents.

Erin said: “I sat Alex down and I told him they can’t get rid of the cancer.

“I told myself I wouldn’t cry but I did. We want them to enjoy the summer.

“I’ve written cards for their birthdays up to their 21st. I’ve done them for when they pass their driving test and their wedding day and when they become parents.

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“I’m doing as many things for them as I can before I go. It’s going to be tough on them losing a parent.”

Following her devastating diagnosis, Erin wants to do as much as she can with her family.

She is now receiving palliative chemotherapy to ease her symptoms and give her as much time as possible.

Erin has set a date to wed her fiancé, Dan, and the family have a caravan to make the most of Erin’s good days to get away on holiday.

She said: “They said my time frame without chemotherapy would be the summer. It was a shock.

“I have multiple tumours in my liver. They are scattered all over.

“Having the chemotherapy could give me three, six or maybe 12 months more.

“I’m trying to keep focused on the positive stuff. We’re making the most of everything.

“We’ve already had so much loss in the family already.

“It’s horrible to know it is coming but I can plan for it. I will be reunited with Zac and Tyler again.”

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