Reviewers Say These Melatonin Alternatives Help Them “Fall Asleep Very Quickly”— & They’re 15% Off

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When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, there are many things that can easily make it difficult to relax at the end of the day—stress, anxiety, the never-ending to-do list, the list goes on and on. These things keep your body on high alert, making it hard to drift off into solid rest. That’s why many turn to sleep aids that contain melatonin. But if you’re not a fan of turning to the hormonal compound, a melatonin alternative, like the ones outlined here, may be a good option for you. These supplements are backed by science, and shoppers say they help them “fall asleep very quickly”. Plus, you can get them for 15% off when you use our exclusive code SHEKNOWS15 at checkout.

So do sleep aids actually help with sleep? According to Dr. W. Chris Winter, MD, neurologist, sleep specialist, and host of the Sleep Unplugged podcast, sleep aids are like running shoes. “I think providing running shoes to someone who has none might really help them run on a gravel road more easily. What if a person already has good running shoes? Does tweaking the type of shoe make a difference? The answer is yes.” he says.

When it comes to getting restful sleep, your supplement levels should be factored in. One vitamin you absolutely need for your sleep cycles to be regulated is magnesium. “If someone is magnesium deficient, I think supplementing magnesium is like getting them a pair of shoes when they had none…it does not make them a great runner, but it sets the stage for great running,” Dr. Winter explains. “Magnesium is most likely not going to solve anyone’s sleep problems, but having adequate minerals like magnesium set the stage.”

That’s where Cymbiotika’s supplements come in. Their products are filled with calming ingredients and vitamins like GABA (which soothes the nervous system), glycine (to promote deep sleep), and magnesium (to aid in relaxation). Ahead, see our favorite supplement picks.

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Cymbiotika Sleep

Cymbiotika’s Sleep formula contains soothing ingredients like glycine, L-theanine, and GABA, which help your body drift off to a restful night of sleep—without causing drowsiness.

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“Sleeping like a symphony,” one shopper said. “I literally can not sleep. Tried everything on the planet, but to no avail. Two nights ago, I tried Sleep for the first time, and let me tell you … wonderful!! I’m humming melodies in my sleep with a smile on my face (wife says she doesn’t mind).”

Cymbiotika Topical Magnesium Oil Spray

This magnesium oil spray not only assists with helping you relax, but it also supports joint health, too. The topical spray is scientifically proven to enter the bloodstream within minutes without leaving an oily residue. “Magnesium is an essential trace mineral responsible for more than 300 enzymatic systems that regulate diverse biochemical reactions in the body, including muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control, blood pressure regulation, and healthy brain development,” the brand explains.
It’s also crafted with lavender extracts, which ease anxiety symptoms.

The spray is easy to use, just add a few sprays and massage into clean skin. You can use it on your torso, chest, feet, legs, or arms.

Cymbiotika Zen Bundle

This zen bundle includes everything you need for a night of relaxation. The bundle contains one Adrenal super tonic, one topical magnesium oil, and one magnesium L-Threnoate. Each product reduces stress, boosts brain power, and balances moods.

One reviewer called the pack “life-changing.” They also added, “every month, I battled hormonal migraines that would last for three days. I have not had a hormonal headache since beginning this supplement. I’m amazed. I have been telling everyone I know about this product bc, as an educator, wife, and mom of two young boys, I don’t have time to entertain a monthly migraine. This truly has been life-altering. I am a lot calmer, as well. It clearly has a positive impact on my nervous system, and I’m sleeping so well.”

Whether you’re looking to enhance sleep or calm anxiety, head to Cymbiotika to add a few melatonin alternatives to your supplement routine. Don’t forget to use the code SHEKNOWS15 at checkout for 15% off sitewide.

Most sleep aids are not studied in pregnant or breastfeeding people, so both safety and efficacy are unknown. Sleep supplements can also interact with other medications. Always ask a healthcare provider to determine if a supplement is safe for you.

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