The Best Cinnamon to Add to Your Spice Rack

What’s the most popular spice on your rack? It probably depends on the season, right? For example, autumn calls for a sprinkle of pumpkin spice in everything while a liberal use of oregano pairs well with peppers and onions for your summer BBQ. Yet there are certain spices, like cinnamon, that we all tend to grab year-round, so it’s best to keep a quality version stocked in her spice drawer at all times. 

Cinnamon spice really is everything nice because it’s such a versatile flavor. It’s derived from the bark of several types of trees, and can be added to both savory meals and sweet treats. Its benefits also extend beyond flavor: cinnamon is deliciously aromatic, emitting a warm, comforting fragrance, and also contains essential nutrients such as manganese (a mineral that supports your brain and nervous system), fiber (which regulates your sugar intake and keeps you — ahem — regular) and calcium (for strong bones and teeth). 

For a barista-level twist to your morning beverage, add a dash of cinnamon to tea, coffee or even your child’s warm milk. You can sprinkle cinnamon over peanut butter banana toast, in cake batters, atop movie night popcorn bowls and, believe it or not, the spice also pairs well with meats such as pork, meatballs and chicken — the possibilities are endless.

So let’s recap: Cinnamon is good for you, good for your family, smells amazing and can be used in virtually any recipe you see fit. If for some reason you are not currently putting it on everything, here are the best cinnamon spices to get you well stocked. 

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1. Organic Wise Ceylon Cinnamon

You want to pay close attention to where the spices in your kitchen are sourced from to ensure both you and the members of your family ingest only the best ingredients for their bodies. Brands like this make providing high-quality products their priority, and its Ceylon Cinnamon is no exception. It’s USDA-certified, derived from the highest-quality and latest harvest of cinnamon, and comes packaged in small quantities, as well as a resealable pouch to guarantee freshness. 

What’s more, Ceylon Cinnamon differs from Cassia Cinnamon, aka the stuff you’d typically pick up at your local grocery store. The former contains significantly less coumarin (a flavoring substance) than the latter, which, in large quantities, can lead to liver damage. Certified organic by the Colorado Department of Agriculture, you can feel good adding a pinch of Organic Wise’s Ceylon Cinnamon to your family’s meals and sweets knowing this key ingredient is completely void of harmful fillers.

2. Frontier Co-Op Cinnamon Powder

This cinnamon powder might look similar to the stuff you’d see in bottles lining grocery store shelves, but you shouldn’t judge cinnamon by its powdered appearance. Instead, read the label and you’ll find that this cinnamon powder is actually a compilation of organic Ceylon sustainably grown and sourced from Sri Lanka. You’ll also notice that compared to other brands, this cinnamon does not contain any additives or chemicals, meaning you can add an extra dash or two to recipes and not fear the consequences. What’s more, the member-owned cooperative donates 4 percent of its pre-tax profit to social giving, so your purchase is not only beneficial for your family but others as well.

3. Simply Organic Ceylon Cinnamon

If you aren’t the type to liberally sprinkle the spice into your pot of oatmeal every morning, this two-ounce glass bottle will last you quite awhile. The “true” cinnamon yields a fruity yet warm flavor and emits a spicy aroma you just can’t get enough of while you cook. One whiff of the stuff and we think it’s safe to say that the name still stands. But on the off chance that its smell weren’t enough to sell you, Simply Organic gives back to organic and sustainable farming communities with each purchase.

4. McCormick Ground Cinnamon

When you think of cinnamon, do you think of this brand? This plastic container is a classic kitchen staple and can last in your kitchen for years. Labeled as “canela modila,” which is Spanish for “ground cinnamon,” the deep, warm spice is non-GMO and does not contain additives, fillers or any other ingredient you’d find suspect.

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