The expanding role of the healthcare CIO

Healthcare IT organizations have weathered numerous storms over the past two years—and the lessons these teams learned while on the forefront of the pandemic are shaping their approaches looking ahead. Automation initiatives and the resulting workforce transformation are delivering real-world operational efficiencies while improving the patient experience. Hear Dr. Yan Chow, Global Healthcare Leader at Automation Anywhere and Marcus Johnson, Managing Director of Delivery at Lumevity, a Highmark Health subsidiary focused on transformation, discuss how automation has and is improving key aspects of the business.

In this podcast, we will:

  • Examine how the role of the Healthcare CIO is evolving and the factors that are driving these changes.
  • Explore the conventional – and not so conventional – responsibilities that Healthcare CIOs are taking on.
  • Share real-world use cases for applying automation to streamline and optimize critical business operations.

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