This Under-Table Exerciser Helps Amazon Shoppers Stay Active While Working and Watching TV – and It's on Sale

Getting in a little bit of movement every day — whether that's by taking a walk around the neighborhood, doing some light stretches, completing a workout, or just making a point to take the stairs wherever you go — is an important way to stay healthy. But sometimes, your daily routine can make it hard for you to stay active. That's why some Amazon shoppers went looking for workout equipment that can help them to multitask and found a smart solution in Vaunn's folding pedal exerciser.

Measuring about 15-inches long by 12-inches wide, the pedal exerciser is a compact and lightweight piece of workout equipment that comes already fully assembled — all you have to do is take it out of the box and start pedaling. Resistance can be adjusted via a tension rod, and users can keep track of their time, calories burned, revolution count, and revolutions per minute with an LCD screen.

Over 5,000 Amazon shoppers have given the pedal exerciser a five-star rating, with many saying that it's great for those with limited mobility. "I bought this for my mom. She has issues with walking, very swollen legs, and needed to exercise," one reviewer wrote. "Along with acupuncture, raising her legs in the afternoon, and using this piece of equipment for about 10 minutes a day, the swelling in her legs has improved immensely!" 

Shoppers with arthritis, knee replacements, and back problems have also said that the small machine helped them to exercise safely and gently. Some recommend using the machine as an arm exerciser to help relieve chronic shoulder pain, saying that it's just as effective as a much more expensive unit you'd find in a gym or physical therapist's office. 

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Others have found the pedal exerciser helpful for staying active when they have a hard time fitting a workout into their day. "I bought this because I NEED exercise, but I work literally seven days a week and just don't have the time," one reviewer wrote. "These pedals are well worth it! They work just as well as any $100 version, and I use them all day long. I take them to work and bring them back home and use them there." 

Because the machine is lightweight and folds up, it's easy to transport. Some shoppers use the exerciser under their desks while working, but say that the ease of use depends on the height of the desk, as you need room for your knees to move up and down. Other reviewers prefer to pedal while watching TV. Just make sure to put it on a rug while using it to ensure it stays in place, and if it gets a little squeaky, that's nothing a little WD-40 (applied to the tension knob and the pedal joints) can't fix. 

While the pedal exerciser won't allow for as intense a workout as a more traditional at-home cycling setup, it is a helpful tool if you're simply looking to move a bit more. And with a price under $50, it's certainly a budget-friendly way to bike.

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