Zero- & Low-alcohol Spirits & Drinks To Add to Your Bar Cart This Dry January (& the Rest of the Year)

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Congrats! We somehow(?) made it out of 2022. Now that you spent all of last month and New Year’s celebrating the year to come, and therefore drinking the night away, it’s time to reset. Holiday hangovers are no joke, but if you don’t want to kiss your weekend cocktails goodbye completely, there’s now a never-ending list of zero-booze and low-alcohol picks that let you have your nightcap (and drink it too).

Non-alcoholic spirits and mocktails are having a big moment. And while these mostly sober-friendly drinks are coming in handy for Dry January (and it’s new cousin, Damp January), we’re stocking up our bar carts with these actually great tasting low-alcohol and non-alcoholic spirits, apértifs, and drinks year round.

From tequilas to gins, more brands are serving up virgin liquors in just about every form to help you sit back and relax without the headaches or other downsides alcohol brings. As an added bonus, many of these conscious concoctions are made with natural ingredients (like hemp) to help your mind and body relax without the buzz. So, you can even consider drinking some of these as part of your wellness routine.

We also have been finding lots of new low-alcohol options, like wines, spirits, and pre-mixed cocktails with much less alcohol than their traditional counterparts, which are perfect for when you want a little bit of something to loosen up without getting your head fuzzy. 

We’re manifesting good thoughts and good vibes going into 2023, starting with what’s in our cups. Check out these bartender-approved low-alcohol and booze-free drink alternatives that just might give your go-to gin and tonic a run for its money — and best of all, you can get these beverages delivered straight to your door. Cheers!

Less-Alcoholic Liquor

Image: Plume & Petal.

If you don’t want to throw vodka completely out the window, go for something that simply has less alcohol. Plume & Petal pours up flavored vodka, like this peachy version, with just 20% ABV per bottle.

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Plume & Petal Peach Wave Vodka$19.99Buy now

Low-Alcohol Wine

Courtesy of Yellow Tail.

Looking for a low-alcohol wine alternative? Yellow Tail’s new Pure Bright line of wines has the flavor you love, but with half the alcohol of a traditional glass of wine. This is great for people who are looking to cut back on their alcohol consumption, though at 8.5% alcohol, it still packs a punch, so it’s not a great option for those strictly avoiding alcohol for physical or mental health reasons.

Alcohol Free Options

Sober-Friendly Espresso Martinis

Courtesy of Lyre’s.

Enjoy the drink of the moment, the espresso martini, without the alcohol, thanks to Lyre’s non-alcoholic spirits set. It comes with the coffee liqueur-style Coffee Originale, and the white rum-style White Cane Spirit. Use them together to make a booze-free espresso martini, or apart to make alcohol-free versions of drinks like White Russians and Mojitos.

Booze-Free Apéritif

Courtesy of Ghia.

Ghia Non-Alcoholic Apéritif is a Mediterranean-inspired sipper with notes of citrus, rosemary, and herbs. Use it to make spritzers, sip a glass before your meal, or use it anywhere you would normally add Campari or Aperol.

Bourbon Alternative

Courtesy Wilderton’s.

Wilderton’s non-alocholic botanical spirit Earthen has the vibe of a nice bottle of bourbon or scotch, but inside is a booze-free drink made from pine-smoked tea, white peppercorn, cardamom, and other aromatics. “These are great in cocktails and totally satisfying,” said one reviewer.

Sophisticated Elixirs

Image: Seedlip.

Mix up happy hour at home with the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirits, crafted in London. Each flavor profile offers something different — Spice 94, a woodsy, spiced blend; Garden 108, with notes of herbs, grass, and florals; or Grove 42, bursting with three types of orange.

Seedlip Non-Alcoholic Spirits$40.00/eachBuy now

Revamped G&T

Image: Monday.

If your go-to drink is a gin and tonic, you’ll want to reach for this handmade bottle of alcohol-free gin by Monday. It’s infused with a mix of juniper, natural botanicals, citrus, and other spices that’ll give London Dry a run for its money.

MONDAY Zero Alcohol Gin – A Non-Alcoholic Spirit for the Spirited Ones – 750ml$35.99on Amazon.comBuy now

CBD Mocktail

Image: Recess.

Recess was one of the first brands to get in on the hemp-infused drink craze. Just as its cheeky name suggests, sipping on one of these calming beverages feels like you’re taking an adult recess (without feeling tired or wired). The fancy flavors include Coconut Lime, Peach Ginger, and Blackberry Chai. They’re made with mind-balancing ingredients including L-theanine, lemon balm, American Ginseng, and of course, hemp.

Recess 6-Pack Sampler$29.99 Buy now

Euphoric Sip

Image: Kin.

You’ve probably seen this stunning bottle flooding your Instagram feed, and there’s a good reason why. These adaptogen drinks are actually considered dietary supplements because of their uplifting ingredients that can soothe the mind and body. You can choose from three drinks: a ready-made spritz, a nightcap that’ll help you catch some ZZzs, and a happy-hour ready apéritif to get you feeling social.

Kin Euphorics Dream Light Botanic Adaptogenic Nootropic Dietary Supplement Drink $39on Amazon.comBuy now

Margarita’s Best Friend

Image: Ritual Zero Proof.

Whether you prefer your marg on-the-rocks or frozen, you won’t be able to resist this award-winning tequila alternative. This more conscious beverage choice boasts a smoky flavor that’ll heat up your zero-alc happy hour. All that’s missing is some guac and chips.

Natural High

Courtesyof Aplós.

Sure enough, CBD has made its way into the world of AF beverages, so we’re stocking up. Keep a bottle around for when you need to de-stress or simply relax after a long day. Aplós Calme boasts citrusy, herbal notes of yuzu, shiso, and basil, which make it good enough to drink on its own or in a mixed drink. Each 2-ounce serving has 20mg of of broad-spectrum hemp.

Aplós Calme$48.00Buy now

Elevated Sparkling Drink

Image: Poppi.

If you’re addicted to soda, but are bored of the same old flavors, let us introduce you to Poppi. This brightly colored line of prebiotic sodas will make you feel as cheerful as they look. These gut-healthy drinks are made with Apple Cider Vinegar — but don’t worry, you won’t taste a bit of it.

Poppi$26.99on Amazon.comBuy now

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