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In the trailer for Demi Lovato’s upcoming YouTube documentary, Dancing with the Devil, the singer-actress and her loved ones talk candidly about her 2018 overdose. Demi even shares at one point that she’s “just going to say it all,” adding that the production team can take out anything if they decide not to use it.

While the trailer is nearly three minutes long, Demi talks about her struggle with addiction, overdose, and road to recovery in about 80 percent of that. Clearly, cannot have orgasim with lexapro the overdose and the aftermath has been a big part of Demi’s life over the past few years.

Fans were understandably concerned about Demi’s health after her overdose and, while she’s referenced it and her sobriety since, she hasn’t gone into explicit details until now. But what, exactly, happened to Demi during that time? Some—maybe even a lot—of details will come up during the documentary.

Here’s what we know about Demi Lovato’s overdose and recovery right now.

She overdosed on July 24, 2018.

Demi was was rushed to the hospital the morning after she overdosed. In audio from a 911 call played during the trailer, someone can be heard saying, “We just need to get somebody out here.”

By mid-afternoon, Demi was responsive. “Demi is awake and with her family who want to express thanks to everyone for the love, prayers and support. Some of the information being reported is incorrect and they respectfully ask for privacy,” her rep shared in a statement to TMZ.

It’s not entirely clear what drugs were involved in the overdose.

The trailer features several of Demi’s friends talking about the overdose. “Are we talking about heroin? Are we doing that?” one of her friends says in the trailer, although he doesn’t say that Demi actually did heroin.

She was treated with Narcan, an emergency medication for opioid overdoses, in the hospital, per TMZ. At the time, law enforcement also told the publication it appeared to be a heroine overdose.

Demi said during her 2017 YouTube documentary, Simply Complicated that she tried cocaine when she was 17 and a star on the Disney channel. “I was with a couple friends, and they introduced me to it,” she said. “I was scared, because my mom always told me your heart could just burst if you do it, but I did it anyways. And I loved it.”

Her family and friends weren’t totally aware that she was struggling before the overdose.

“Demi is very good at hiding what she needs to hide,” her sister says in one clip in the trailer. “I snapped,” Demi says in another clip.

There were signs that she was in danger, though. In June, Demi released a new single called “Sober” that featured the lyrics, “I’m sorry for the fans I lost who watched me fall again. I want to be a role model but I’m only human.” She also sang, “I’m sorry that I’m here again. I promise I’ll get help.”

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Demi was very sick after her overdose.

Demi shared in the trailer that she had three strokes and a heart attack after she overdosed. “My doctors said that I had five to 10 more minutes,” she said at one point.

Demi is still dealing with after-effects of her overdose.

Demi opened up about them during a press call to promote her new documentary. “I was left with brain damage, and I still deal with the effects of that today,” she said, per the Associated Press. “I don’t drive a car because there are blind spots in my vision. I also for a long time had a really hard time reading. I feel like they kind of are still there to remind me of what could happen if I ever get into a dark place again.”

Demi said that she’s “grateful” for those “reminders” and said she needed a lot of emotional therapy during her recovery. “I did a lot of work after that, just not physically,” she said.

Dancing with the Devil premieres on YouTube on March 23.

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