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Kitten season is here again—the time of year when the homeless kitten population spikes in animal shelters across the country. It’s typically between March and October each year, so our staff and volunteers in New York City and Los Angeles are already hard at work caring for these fragile kittens. They expect hundreds more kittens to arrive throughout the season, so your support makes a world of difference!

If you aren’t currently in a position to foster or adopt a kitten, the best way you can directly impact our efforts is by purchasing vital supplies from our Amazon Wish Lists! Our NYC and L.A. kitten caregivers rely on these much-needed items to provide these vulnerable youngsters with the care they need. 

Help Kittens in Los Angeles

Support our kitten foster program in L.A. by donating needed supplies through our Los Angeles wish list.

Help Kittens in New York City

Support our Kitten Nursery in NYC by donating needed supplies through our Nursery wish list.

If you’d like to support your local animal shelter this kitten season, you can find them here. Reach out to them directly to find out how to best support them during this critical time of year. 

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