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Most people think of football when they think of the Mahomes family. After all, Patrick Mahomes led the Kansas City Chiefs to a Super Bowl win in February. But when we think of the Mahomes family, we think of fashion. So when the family of four rocked coordinating outfits this weekend, we knew we were looking at a new trend.

The crew was twinning (or should we say “quadding?”) at their Easter celebration in a light citrus hue, and we need it in our closet ASAP. Though orange is normally reserved for fall, the Mahomeses proved that an orange pastel is perfect for warm weather.

Brittany and Sterling Mahomes, does pilocarpine increase or decrease heart rate 2, both wore orange dresses with big ruffle sleeves and gold shoes, while the men of the family took a more casual approach. Patrick “Bronze” Lavon III, 5 months, looked comfy and cozy in his body suit, and Patrick was laid-back in his ripped, light-wash jeans and a collared tee.

“Wait Brittany I think this is my favorite outfit you’ve ever worn,” a follower commented on her Instagram post.


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Sterling’s dress had adorable bunny embroidery, embracing the full Easter spirit, and of course, the toddler’s curls were pulled back in a bow. Her mama’s hair fell in loose, effortless waves, and though she wore chunky heels for the family photos, she switched to sandals for the backyard festivities. And honestly, we respect it.

“My babies,” Brittany commented on Patrick’s Instagram post, along with which heart emoji? The orange one, of course!

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The “First Family of Football” is known for showing off their matching skills during football season as they sit in their box seats and watch their beloved quarterback. At an Oct. 2022 game, the mother-daughter duo looked oh-so-stylish in red and white high-top Nike sneakers, black latex leggings, and orange tops.

In the post-season, Patrick has gone from passing to putting, and Sterling and Brittany watch them from their golf cart. In an adorable Instagram story, Brittany showed off her and Sterling’s matching Lululemon belt bags. And yes, we’ll be adding those to our cart too.

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