Listeria in the sausage: What you need to know consumer

Last week it became known that the sausage manufacturer Wilke has been associated with Listeria-contaminated products in circulation. The competent authorities have closed after two deaths and a variety of Diseased production in Northern Hesse. What you need to know consumer now and how dangerous is Listeria infections are, read here.

The recall of the products already started on last Wednesday, in the meantime, many companies have taken the products off the super market shelves. The consumer organization food watch holds, however, it is likely that contaminated meats are in circulation. Consumers identify affected packaged sausage at the oval identification mark “DE EV 203 of the EC”. A complete list with all the contaminated products found on the website to. The sausage can be returned in the retail sector. The contaminated meat was also sold to sausage counters, here are the affected products are not so easy to recognize. The Land of Hessen recommends that customers, if in Doubt, specifically ask.

In the sausage so-called Listeria were detected. These are bacteria that are very widely used in the agricultural sector, often in animal feed, or animal droppings occur. For example, you can enter the milking or slaughter on or in the food. Listeria can be found frequently in raw foods of animal origin, for example, in fresh milk, raw milk cheese, or meat, but also vegetables.

An infection with Listeria is called listeriosis, is for healthy adults in General, not a risk. It usually progresses without symptoms, sometimes fever and flu on contact, similar complaints, as well as vomiting and diarrhea. Dangerous the risk of listeriosis especially for older people, Pregnant women, and in immune weakened people. The infection can be severe and even lead to death.

How you can protect yourself from the bacteria, explains the checklist: infection by Listeria prevention


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