Wilke: the authority published a recall list with more than 1000 products

The veterinary office of the district of Waldeck-Frankenberg, the company Wilke sausage were closed in Twistetal-Berndorf. Reason two deaths, of the products of the company in connection are. Now, the company has filed for bankruptcy. Further developments in the News Ticker.

Almost every NRW citizens had access to Wilke-Wurst

11.08 am: In the most populous state of North Rhine-Westphalia, the state office for environment and nature protection (Lanuv) assume that almost every citizen access to a possibly germ ridden Were of the Hessian sausage manufacturer Wilke had. "Wilke was a great supplier and also primary products for own brands of other companies her", Lanuv spokesman Wilhelm said Deitermann of the düsseldorf "Rhine Post". From the recall of the Wilke-Wurst in North Rhine-affected-Westphalia hundreds of companies.

"Across the Board, almost every consumer in NRW is expected to have an access to the Goods of the company Wilke haben&quot had;, deitermann told the newspaper. "Wilke has its customers, including dealers, nursing homes, hospitals and other establishments include large-scale, on its list of customers contacted and to recall all the sausage and meat were asked." Now the district veterinary offices monitored as the competent authorities, whether really all the Wilke-Were walls, from the shelves to waste, said Deitermann.

Boss submerged, salary was not paid: The employee say to the Wilke-end

Tuesday, 8. October, 7.35 PM: FOCUS Online was in Twistetal-Berndorf, at the company Wilke. The Chef is apparently in the holiday, the staff are disappointed. To do this, read more.

A complete list of affected products published

20.03 at: The Federal office for consumer protection and food safety now has a complete list of the Wilke-scandal-affected brands and products is published. More than 1,000 Were affected. The complete list can be found here. (Note: Currently, the site is overloaded apparently. It can lead to problems when Loading.)

The Ministry knew for two months of the Listeria findings in Wilke

19.50 PM: The Hessian Ministry of consumer protection was for the last two months of the Listeria findings in the company Wilke informed. The response of the Ministry to the consumer protection organisation foodwatch.

It says: “On 12. August 2019 was informed the technical Department of the HMULKV by the Federal office for consumer protection and food safety (BVL) by E-Mail that the data carried out were analyses of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), that sausage article of the sausage producer, Wilke Waldecker meat and sausages GmbH & Co. KG, are suspected to be Listeria – sequence Cluster-type Sigma 1 -included.“

In the further course of the Ministry, what further measures were then taken, describes. The Public was only on 2. October on the case and the closure of the operation have been informed.

The local authorities, the case was already much longer known. “The first indications we received in March,” said a spokesman for the district to FOCUS Online. At that time Listeria had been a Wilke-product in Hamburg established. Since then, the operation had been monitored: “We are constantly been there and have taken samples.”

Hessian Ministry of the environment published a list with affected products

15.37 PM: The Hessian Ministry of the environment has on Monday afternoon a list of products issued by the sausage scandal affected. Important: Also Goods that bear the name Wilke, could be contaminated. Therefore, be the following the products affected, provided that the identification marks DE EV 203 of the EC, are:

  • House at the Eichfeld
  • Metro Chief
  • Service Federal “Servisa”
  • Casa
  • Pickosta
  • Sander Gourmet
  • Rohloff Manufactory
  • The point of intersection of
  • Korbach
  • Aro
  • Find
  • Domino
  • Wilke

You can find more information here.

Wilke-Wurst was also supplied to Ikea Restaurants

Monday, 12.17 PM: After two cases of death due to germ contaminated meat products in the North Hessian sausage producers Wilke is also the furniture company Ikea from the recall affected. A large retailer Ikea Germany sausage-cold cuts for customers and employees have received restaurants from this manufacturer, said a spokeswoman for the furniture group on Monday. You confirmed so that appropriate information, the consumer organisation foodwatch.

Ikea was according to own data on Wednesday by the wholesaler about the closure of Wilke Waldecker meat and sausages GmbH had been informed. "For this reason, we have as a precautionary measure, the sale of all products of the manufacturer immediately gestoppt", the spokeswoman said. Not the rest of the meat was affected and cured meats range from the Restaurant, Sweden shop and the Bistro. Now there is a new supplier for cold cuts.

Ex-head of Department: "Sausages had listened to garbage, then they were verkauft"

21.44 PM: A long-standing head of Department in the Wilke-production packs on the apparently catastrophic conditions in the company. “Often a lot of sausage was produced, that you can fit into the freezer, but in the aisle in front of it was stored. Therefore, the sausages were not cooled enough. It’s mold was first formed in the intestine, then in the gut. At least then you would have listened to the garbage! They were cut into slices and sold. 2018 ich&quot announced;, says Andreas Fischer, the "Image on Sonntag".

Another employee reported Mouse droppings in the production area, of the he had made a photo – "the Director forced me to löschen". One of the other employees says that they should make mouldy, dry salami for a delivery ready. The chief of state of the sausage was no matter. "He moaned at me and then said: ‘no Matter the need, today, way, cleaning it quickly, label it and get away’,” said the woman, “Waldeck country newspaper”. Many staff had not completed food hygiene training.

Information on sausage-callback delayed by holiday

13.15: After two cases of death due to germ contaminated sausage from a farm in Hesse, it is because of the holiday this week, to delays in the Information on the product recall came. In Cologne, for example, the city has only reached on Friday, all affected wholesalers – three days after the closure of the North Hessian operation. The process was complicated by the holiday on Thursday, said a city spokesman said on Saturday.

The Hessian authorities had closed the production of the company Wilke Waldecker meat and sausage products in Twistetal-Berndorf, on Tuesday provisionally and a recall of the product ordered.

The Cologne-based consumer protection Board had been informed on Thursday by the competent NRW-country authority that nine Cologne wholesale dealer with sausage the company had been supplied, said a city spokesman said on Saturday. "Because of the holiday, the consumer protection Board were not erreicht&quot all the wholesalers directly;, shared with the city. Only in the course of Friday, it had managed to inform all wholesalers, the spokesman said.

The wholesalers had been asked by the city, "all of the customers/clients of the already delivered goods to benachrichtigen". How many of the recall affected products were delivered in Cologne, actually, is unclear. The city expect a documentation of the affected wholesaler.

On Friday the Cologne University hospital error to the callback of the Wilke was given to sausage. Some of the rehab patients had, despite of the recall even sausage of the company were Wilke, had told the clinic.

The wholesaler calls back several sausages from Wilke-production

Saturday, 5. October, 10.57 PM: The sausage scandal of the North Hessian company Wilke sausage were calling the wholesaler Igro different products. The specialist wholesaler for gastronomy, hotel and mass catering industries announced the recall on its website. Also, this company learned from the press of the incident, published its communication on Wednesday. "As a precaution, we have decided to disable the product completely. We ask you urgently to verzehren&quot stock products of the company Wilke ( … );, it is spoken in the message of Igro.

Wilke charcuterie: house of CEO searches

20.28 clock: How the "Bild"-Newspaper reports, is said to have been on Friday afternoon, the house of the Wilke-Executive Director searches. The investigators would have seized, but nothing. Only on the company’s site, you have seized a Laptop and files.

If the search has to do with the investigations by the public Prosecutor’s office in Kassel in the Listeria scandal, is not known. These are directed against any concrete Person, you are to go, however, the initial suspicion of negligent homicide, said a spokeswoman on Friday.

University hospital of Cologne gives error after sausage recall

19.20: The University hospital of Cologne after the recall of the sausage goods by the Hessian manufacturer, Wilke a mistake in the case of a subsidiary granted. "Due to the short-term nature and the time point Information in connection with our subsidiary UniReha an error within the food supply, so that some of the rehab ist&quot patients have been nevertheless offered sausage goods, the company Wilke;, it is in a written opinion to the University hospital of Cologne on Friday evening.

For Inquiries, to receive, and how many rehab patients affected by this recall sausage from the manufacturer Wilke still have not reach the University hospital of Cologne on Friday evening.

In the statement, the University hospital of Cologne, it’s more that it was on Wednesday (2. October) at 17.45 by their meat suppliers by E-Mail have been informed that all the products of the sausage manufacturer, the company Wilke recalled. "We then immediately began the distribution of sausage products stoppen&quot to;, the spokesman of the University hospital of Cologne, explained next. "The mentioned in the media, probably contaminated cold meats from the manufacturer are in the University hospital of Cologne, however, not used worden", he stressed.

Note: The message via a callback from the Munich white sausages through a wholesaler proved to be wrong. In addition, there is no connection with the Listeria scandal, the company Wilke. We apologize for the error. Read more about it here at "product warning.eu".

17.33 PM: Also buying land now calls the sausage back, and the three branches at the counter was sold, and may not be directly as a product of the company Wilke to recognize is. All the Infos you can read here.

Earlier it was reported, the Wilke-products are also comes under other names in the sale. The products were also processed in the products of the Metro. The wholesaler called back separately the following products:

  • Aro pizza salami 1000g,
  • Aro pepperoni salami 1000g,
  • Metro chief pizza salami sliced 1000g,
  • Metro chief of pepperoni salami sliced 1000g.

The Page Product Warning.the eu has also other wholesalers are listed, the currently affected are:

  • Sausage goods merchant wholesalers Hans Kremers GmbH (The company has a distribution list available)
  • GRAPO GmbH – catering supplies
  • SB Union wholesale market GmbH / EDEKA food service
  • Domino Gastro e. G.
  • igro-Schmidt GmbH & Co. KG

Prosecutor’s office determined because of negligent killing

At 17:10: The Wilke Waldecker meat and sausages GmbH has not only the production set and filing for insolvency. In the meantime, the public Prosecutor’s office in Kassel under investigation for negligent homicide. There is a suspicion, said a spokeswoman. This is not directed against a specific Person.

Where the germs came from, is still unclear. The authorities hope to gain new information. You wait for the report of the working group which had examined the operation of said alarm clock.

According to Lebensmittelwarnung.de currently, the following provinces to be affected:

Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Berlin, Brandenburg, Bremen, Hamburg, Hesse, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein, Thuringia

No connection with cases in the Netherlands

Also in the Netherlands, deaths reported to the germs – without reference to Wilke: In the past two years, three people died in the Netherlands by Listeria in deli meats and a woman had suffered a miscarriage. The cuts came after a company in Aalsmeer. The operation has been temporarily shut down.

Foodwatch criticises: Wilke-Wurst-products in the Cologne clinic on a public holiday, more output

15.14 PM: The recall of sausage products from the manufacturer Wilke, due to a possible contamination with the dangerous Listeria has not been sufficiently spread. So, according to information provided by food watch in the rehab facility “UniReha“ of the University hospital of Cologne still on holiday (3. October) for Breakfast affected by this recall Wilke-products to patients spent. This was reported by a consumer organisation, from several independent sources.

For the food not the hospital, but a Caterer is aware of food watch responsible. It must now be clarified whether and when these had received the information about the recall.

The consumer organisation has yet to be reached, a further note on the alleged re-sale of the Wilke-products according to the public recall, could not verify this, however.

“We expect the Hessen authorities with information as to whether the Wilke supplied companies were directly informed about the recall. This is urgently needed so that large-scale kitchens, Restaurants, sausage, libraries, or hospitals may be hazardous to health products does not continue to spread“, said food watch chief Executive Martin Rücker.

Two days after the closure of the production of Wilke, the company and the competent authorities that there is still no lists of sales and may present the recall affected products and brands, according to the consumer organisation “an utter scandal“.

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  • Listeria-infection – Three Deaths and a miscarriage to sausage consumption in the Netherlands
  • Listeria-Alarm with two dead: What you need to know now for the sausage scandal

Wilke-sausage products went under a different name in the trade

Update: 4.10.19, 14.54 PM: Contrary to the depiction by the authorities was, apparently, but the meat of the because germinate the closed sausage manufacturer Wilke, among other things, the name sells. You have all the products in the Wilke Waldecker meat and sausages GmbH is out of the range, said a spokeswoman for the wholesaler Metro on Friday. Including Metro were own brands. Authorities had previously been detected in other products of Wilke multiple Listeria germs. They bring out two deaths in southern Hesse in connection with this.

The district of Waldeck-Frankenberg, as the Supervisory authority, had stated on Wednesday that there is no Wilke-Were under a different name. Therefore, no list of products was needed, which are currently being launched worldwide. The consumer organisation foodwatch criticises the and had stated that Wilke was also the manufacturer of some products, Metro’s own brand, "Aro" dispel.

Metro stressed, to be on its own Initiative become. Already on Wednesday you have taken prior to Arrival of the callback, all of the Wilke-products from the shelves, and the customer is directly informed. Metro take, in addition, own brands additional samples. Here, Wilke has not been in the last six months is striking.

What is known so far

Stand 4.10.19, 14.30: How the "Hessisch-Niedersächsische Allgemeine" (HNA) reported the deaths of two older people from the state of Hesse. 37 other diseases will be triggered by the Wilke-products, the newspaper writes. All the products of the company, with the exception of full – canned food worldwide is called back. Wilke supplies in Germany, mainly Restaurants and large supermarkets kitchens but. The company will send your Goods according to "HNA" also in many countries outside of Europe. 200 employees are affected by the closure of the 80-year-old company. The responsible district administrator says &quot the sheet:;As it goes for the employees, is completely unclear." But given no other Option.

Read also: Three Deaths and a miscarriage to sausage consumption in the Netherlands

Wilke has applied for insolvency proceedings

The company is also in economic difficulties. Wilke had applied for the opening of preliminary insolvency proceedings, said a spokesman of the district court of Korbach on Friday. In such a procedure would be examined whether the conditions for the implementation of insolvency available to process.

The company goes to a village butcher’s shop more than 80 years ago. The company has to Pay on its website around 200 employees and exports Goods worldwide.

The consumer Ministry has now confirmed that Wilke has also supplied customers in the Saarland. The &quot reported;SR". Detail information, to whom, Wilke has provided, not admit it yet.