"In March, the Corona has become pandemic with full force on the supply of medicines in Germany ausgewirkt", Fritz Becker, Chairman of the German pharmacists Association (DAV) says. According to current calculations, the expenditure of the Statutory health insurance for medications are increased compared to the same month last year to 25 percent.

The number of recipes increased in March by 13.7 percent to 44 million, the cast packs by 18.8 percent to 71 million. From multiple data sources available to the DAV, shows that in March, not only drugs, but also larger packs and delivered have been prescribed. This explains why the expenditure are stronger than the recipe – and pack numbers have increased. "The pharmacies had to deal with within a short time, a veritable onslaught of patients with recipes and had to take infection prevention measures and work capacity at the same time. In spite of all the adversities and constraints on supply that has very good overall geklappt", Becker sums it up.

Umsätze again in April rückläoften

In January and February, the increase in spending, as expected, was between 5 and 6 percent. For the first quarter of 2020, a growth of the Shi pharmaceutical expenditures from 11.8 percent to 10.38 billion euros, this results. First market data for April show a sharp decline in sales of Drugs. "This suggests that, in addition to a comprehensive acute care, many chronically ill patients, regular visits to the doctor with a result of haben&quot preferred prescriptions;, says Becker.

Even if the vaccines increases were recorded: The vaccine expenditure of the Shi in March were 43.6 per cent over the figure for the previous month. Already in January and February 2020 high growth rates of about 20 percent.


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