Apple Fitness+ Has a New Feature that Allows You to Workout Virtually With Your Fav Pals

If you’ve been struggling to stay motivated and exercise during lockdown, you’re not alone. With gyms closed, many of us have had to contend with fluctuating motivation and a decreased desire to workout. While some have certainly thrived in this space, fashioning kitchen appliances and canned goods into a weights station in the comfort of the dining room, most of us have been forced to look for other alternatives to gym classes and group workouts. It’s led many to discover the ease and variety of Apple Fitness+. Since pivoting to the realm of fitness, the tech giant has stopped at nothing to deliver a comprehensive fitness platform that is sure to please everyone, regardless of your fitness pursuits. 

The fitness service, powered by the Apple Watch, offers a range of workout types, including HIIT, pilates, strength, yoga, guided walking, and even dance classes. With a number of instructors that will guide you through the workouts, the platform makes it easier than ever to get your daily exercise in and thanks to the wide variety of workouts on offer, boredom is avoided with ease as you can simply select and choose a workout depending on your mood, energy levels and desired outcome. If all that wasn’t enough, thanks to the Apple Watch real-time metrics like heart rate are displayed on screen, so you can see not just how you’re performing on the day, but how your fitness is improving. 

It goes without saying that Apple Fitness+ has been a salve for lockdown-induced boredom and kept many of us active. But as if hearing our cries, the company has announced big changes to the app, which will now be available in 15 new countries and in six more languages. Included in the changes to the app are guided meditations that focus on kindness and gratitude, with an immersive feel that is facilitated thanks to both a video and audio experience like no other. Pilates will be added to the lineup of workouts, with exercises to suit all levels – from beginners to the professionals. And, should there be any winter sport enthusiasts in the house, Fitness+ will even offer a new workout program to help get you ready for the winter season and avoid injury that results from lack of conditioning in the off-season. 

Our favourite addition though? Group workouts. If there’s one thing we won’t be taking for granted when lockdown ends, it’s the sweaty embrace that comes with finishing a gruelling workout alongside your mates. A little friendly competition never hurt anybody, and when it comes to really kicking yourself into high gear, you can always count on your workout partners to get you over the line. Thankfully, Apple Fitness+ will allow for new group fitness classes on the platform thanks to SharePlay. You’ll be able to see when your friends are working out and work out along with them on your iPhone, iPad, and AirPlay. Incredibly, you can work out with at least 30 people at once. 

Group Workouts will start through an iMessage or FaceTime call and on your screen, you’ll be able to see both the instructor and the people with whom you’re sharing the workout. Of course, you’ll also be able to see your metrics and rings, as well as how your friends are doing on the “burn bar” – a competition feature which also lets you see when they close their rings. Sign us up!

Group Workouts and support for new countries are set to come later this year which is understandable as Apple announced that SharePlay won’t be launching with iOS 15. To tie us over until then though, the other features will be coming out later this month and we can’t wait. To find out more, visit the official Apple Fitness+ website here. 

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