Are You Ready to Double Dutch Your Way into Love?

Meet Dutch! This handsome senior man is nothing other than a loveable gentleman—what more could you ask for? Dutch is thriving in his foster home and can’t wait to thrive with you, too! 

According to the people that know him best, Dutch settles in “pretty quickly,” enjoys following his people around, getting butt scratches, head kisses and chewing on treats. His foster caregiver tells us that Dutch is an amazing dog who just wants to be around his humans. He can get a little overwhelmed by strangers, but once you’re his friend: “Dutch wants to be in the middle of his people as much as he can!”

Dutch would love to live in a low-key home with an adopter who understands that it may take him some time to settle in—but the wait is absolutely worth it! Bonus points—he is also reported to be housetrained! Dutch can be a little sensitive in certain areas and with vet trips and he is currently on medication for hypothyroidism—but not to worry, our staff would be happy to give you more information on how to best set Dutch up for success. 

If Dutch sounds like your dream man, and you live in a home in the New York City or tri-state area with teens and up, check out his profile to submit an application! 

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