Here Are The Things You Need to Do To Help a Depressed Person

Are you depressed? Or do you have someone you know, perhaps family, friends, or relatives who are depressed? Perhaps you tried comforting them by saying soothing words. However, your actions and attempts to console the person might be doing more harm than good. The mental health experts reveal the best and worst things to say to a depressed person.

Letting Go Of Your Sad Thoughts

If you are unsure of what you want to say, just be there and listen to them as they unload their burdens on you.

You should never force someone you know to discredit what they’ve been through. You might have good intentions in saying “you need more sunlight. Go outside to exercise more”, or “letting go of your sad thoughts”, but it only does the opposite.

Telling the person to go out and get exposed won’t make a significantly positive impact on the depressed person. If you aren’t sure what to say without hurting the person’s feelings, you can just stay by their side and be a listener to them when they confess their burden and problems to you.

Depression Isn’t Real.

Saying that depression isn’t real and it’s all in your head and they can just will themselves to disappear the thoughts in their mind is possibly the worst thing to say. According to mental health experts, they would’ve already perished these thoughts if they know depression isn’t real.

The truth is, depression is real. It’s a mental health disease that enables a person to question their abilities in the decisions they make in life as well as how they perceive their own life. If you don’t understand how depression affects a person, the experts recommend you educate yourself about mental health first before approaching and supporting someone you know.

The Others Must Have Had It Worse

Everyone has trials and challenges they’ve gone through. Do not compare your trials to other people.

You might mean well by saying how lucky they are because they can still eat food three times a day, or that they still have a job and they can buy everything they want. While it is true, you don’t need to compate what they’ve gone through to others.

It’ll only make them feel guilty instead of grateful. Do not discredit what they’re going through as something not worth the trouble. According to mental health experts, we have different trials and challenges we’re going through. Just because a person has a good life doesn’t mean you can already discredit the problems they have.

Say I Love You

Hug the person and tell them how much you love them, care for them, and you’ll always be by their side.

If you know a person who’s struggling with depression, you can say and express your feelings as a start. Say to the other person how much you love and care for them. Reassure them that no matter what happens, you will always be by their side and you have their back. It’s easy to feel hopelessness, but when you’re there for them, your love and support will serve as their strength to overcome their depression.

How Can I Help?

Instead of thinking up of any advice, suggestions, or any other actions you can take to help, ask them how you can help the person. Don’t assume you already know what to do to help or ease their pain and anxiousness. Instead, you need to ask what you can do to help.

The person will muster up the courage to speak to you. In this way, you’ll also know exactly what to do to help ease their pain, anxiousness, or depression. You’ll also save time from wondering what to do.

You Matter To Me

Most people who struggle with depression often question their worth and purpose in this world. They feel as if their lives don’t matter. They don’t have a voice or purpose in life and feel as if the world will be a better place if they leave.

They feel as if their life and existence don’t matter. The mental health experts recommend you assure your friend or family they matter. They still have a purpose in this world and their lives matter. Remind them they still have friends and family who cares for them. They will also be hurt to see them hurting. This will help boost their confidence and self-worth.

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