Can't Find Toilet Paper? These Wipes Are Vagina-Safe Alternatives

Your vulva is a wonderful naturally-occuring chemistry experiment with its own pH (typically a more acidic one, if that means anything to you). To give your vagina the right kind of TLC you want to be mindful of how periods, sex, hormones (caused by pregnancy, menopause and the vibes of your monthly cycle), antibiotics you may be on or questionable cleansing habits (douching is bad, don’t do it). But, luckily, there’s plenty of products designed to be as neutral and inoffensive to your body as possible, making them perfect for taking care of your down-there wiping concerns without worrying you’re throwing something off.

When it comes to cleaning up down there, the basics are really all you need. But if you do feel like want or need to use a wipe (totally do you!), you need one that’s not going to throw the rest of your system off. And please, if nothing else, remember your vagina is supposed to smell like a vagina (not flowers, fruit or a $75 Goop candle).

And, of course, in times where toilet paper or your more standard baby wipes are scarce and you’re in want of alternatives, these are products that you can feel pretty comfortable using in lieu of your regular wiping apparatus. Just remember the more bland and not-at-all fancy the formula (think no fragrances, glycerin, alcohol or any other funky ingredients), the better. To assist with your baby wipe/TP dupe-hunting needs and to point out products that will do no harm in your down-there care routine, we’ve rounded up a few selections of body-friendly wipes to help you keep it simple and clean.

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