THESE Are The 5 Major Diet Types Out There – Find Out Which One Suits You The Best

“Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. If you have a healthy lifestyle, your diet and nutrition are set, and you’re working out, you’re going to feel good”.  Jason Statham

The word “diet” always has an unpleasant sound to it. It typically connotes a restriction to food and a boring selection of greens. This is because people who usually go on diets are those who are trying to shed some weight. But a diet is actually more than just eating less – it’s about eating right.

The goal of getting into a fitness routine is usually to lose weight. People are increasingly becoming more conscious of their health and bodies due to the media’s trend of praising the fit and the beautiful. But a diet plan is also for people who want to gain weight, fight illness, or even decrease their carbon footprint. No matter what the reasons are, a healthy and balanced diet should always be our priority, especially in this generation of fast food and ready-to-eat snack packs.

There are countless reasons why people should consider getting into diets. It has numerous positive effects on our body, mood, and health. The common notion about the diet which we must correct is that diets should always be plant-based. In actuality, there are lots of diets that don’t restrict us from eating meat (sigh of relief). You just have to know which diet will suit you and stick to it. Here are some diets that might spark the interest of health buffs and those who are planning on changing their eating habits.


This is probably one of the more “ideal” diets for people who are committed to eating meat and fat. This is also a diet that has been used as a precautionary measure for epilepsy. The basic idea of a ketogenic diet is to encourage the person to eat healthy fats. These fats are commonly found in avocados, oily fish, olive oil, coconuts, and most other fatty foods you can think of, including bacon – yes, you read that right, BACON. But the high intake of fat should be balanced by a low intake of carbohydrates like bread and rice. The Ketogenic diet uses fats as a source of energy compared to the traditional carbohydrates, hence the need to compromise carbohydrate intake. People who try this diet may experience keto flu, which is common in the first two weeks. This means the body is adjusting a great deal to a high-fat, low-carb diet.


It is true that a vegetarian does not eat red and white meat. But this doesn’t mean that one can not eat any animal-derived food. A vegetarian eats plant-based food but also consumes eggs (ovo) and milk (lacto), both of which come from animals. There are Lacto-vegetarians who only eat veggies and consume dairy products but skip eggs; an Ovo-vegetarian eats veggies and eggs but skips dairy, and a lacto-ovo-vegetarian consumes all three. The latter is the most common type of vegetarian.


This is the stricter version of a vegetarian diet since it skips all animal-derived foods and products, and that includes eggs and dairy. They solely eat veggies and fruits. Vegans are advocates against animal cruelty, while some practice vegan diet due to health concerns. Vegans even incorporate their food diet into their lifestyle through the use of cruelty-free cosmetics and clothes.


A pescatarian diet incorporates a fish into a vegetarian diet. This also allows the person to eat dairy, eggs, and most or all types of seafood. In general, everything is allowed except for poultry and red meat. Some prefer this diet due to the health benefits the fish offers. Some also choose this diet to use as a stepping stone to a completely animal-free diet. Pescatarian diet has been linked to reducing the risk of obesity and chronic diseases.


This diet is designed for people with low metabolic rate and those suffering from Crohn’s Disease who often struggle in digesting food. Instead of eating the carbohydrates and other nutrients, people drink them in this diet. It aids in fast weight loss, but it should be done in moderation. For faster and more permanent weight loss, dietitians recommend this diet in combination with a series of healthy and solid food items.


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