Celebrity Trainer Gunnar Peterson on Quarantine Workouts: 'You Can Do a Lot in 10 Minutes'

For celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson, fitness isn’t about taking shortcuts — it’s about consistency. And he’s committed to helping his clients develop new routines as they social distance at home during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

“I Zoom and FaceTime with clients for workouts,” Peterson, whose works with the Los Angeles Lakers, the Kardashians, Jennifer Lopez and others, told PEOPLE exclusively. “I also send programs to people so we are all taking it in stride. I keep each of these exercises upbeat and interactive, so they’re as real as we can safely make them.”

Peterson says that quarantine is forcing people who prefer to sweat outside, at a gym or during a fitness class to adapt adding that “adaption changes the body.”

The 28-year veteran pro trainer is now demonstrating these exercises and many more — plus tips and tricks for maximizing your workouts and recovery — for a video series in partnership with leading supplement brand, Transformation Protein, called “Like a Pro.”

As part of the collaboration, Peterson endorsed the company’s new bioactive protein powder that is packed with nine essential amino acids. He says the “revolutionary formula,” which is available online now for $74.95, “maximizes output from all the hard work from training.”

“It’s easier to assimilate, which means your body can put it to use faster to help you recover faster,” he explains. “It also has MCT oil, which is beneficial to your brain, which also can’t hurt during a workout! And let’s not forget the pre and pro biotics which improve gut health and digestion.”

Speaking about the partnership, Peterson says, “While I’ve seen thousands of protein powder’s come and go in my career, Transformation Protein was the first one I felt confident representing. Transformation makes sense for me, and to me, as they base their decisions and their product on quality.”

“They don’t cut corners, and that’s how I operate,” he concludes. “That’s what I strive to deliver to the people who train with me, I think people want that and deserve that.”

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