Chernobyl: Increased radio activity after a forest fire close to a nuclear power plant measured

Around the former Ukrainian nuclear power plant Chernobyl as a result of a Forest fire radio-activity increased was measured.

"There is some bad news: In the center of the fire, the radioactivity is higher than the average hoch", Yegor Firsov, head of the state environmental inspection service, wrote on Sunday in the online service Facebook. He published a Video in which a Geiger counter showed a reading of 16 Times of the normal value. The fire had spread to 100 acres of area, wrote Firsov.

Chernobyl: In the air, no increased radio-activity

The Ukrainian emergency services were notified on Sunday morning that in the air there is no increased radioactivity had been measured, and the fire was under control. Two planes, a helicopter and about a hundred firefighters were on Sunday deployed to fight on Saturday night erupted in fire.

On Saturday, the authorities had still "Schwierigkeiten" in fighting the fire due to the increased radio activity in some areas of work were discussed. Surrounding towns were not endangered.

34 years ago, it came to GAU

After the reactor accident 34 years ago, a restricted zone was erected within a Radius of 30 kilometers around the site of the former nuclear power plant. Commercial agriculture is still forbidden.

The reactor block 4 of the Soviet nuclear power plant Chernobyl was on 26. April 1986 during a safety test explodes. The GAU, around a hundred kilometers North of the Ukrainian capital city of Kiev, the most serious nuclear accident in the history, the surroundings of the Nuclear power plant is exposed to strong today.

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