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People with Diabetes need to be better before COVID-19 protected

If people are affected by endocrine disorders and Diabetes mellitus, should be given special attention in the treatment of COVID-19 paid. Because affected persons seem to be according to current findings more likely to develop difficult-to COVID-19, and to communicate more often on the consequences of the infection heir.

In the current investigation of the University of Leeds found that people with endocrine disorders and Diabetes mellitus are diagnosed are often difficult to COVID-19 and more often to the infection to die. The results of the study were published in the English journal “the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism“ published.

Common effects of COVID-19 for people with Diabetes

An analysis of data from the province of Wuhan, in China has shown that patients with Diabetes mellitus were in the group of people who become seriously ill and also in the group of the deceased more frequently than the average represented. The researchers recommend that medical Teams need to be especially attentive and careful, if you have to do it with this group of patients.

What is diabetic makes it more prone to COVID-19?

The data from China suggest that patients with endocrinological diseases by COVID-exposed to 19 additional risks. People affected should isolate themselves, the researchers reported, even, to reduce your risk of infection. There are endocrinological disorders, which affect the body’s ability to produce steroid hormones (glucocorticoids) in order to overcome the infection. This could be some of these people make more sensitive to the effects of COVID-19, so the research team.

High doses of glucocorticoids limit the immune system

Patients with known problems of the adrenal gland can be treated with replacement glucocorticoids. When such people begin to develop symptoms of COVID-19, you should immediately assume a double dose of the medication, advises the research group. However, there are many people taking as a result of inflammatory diseases, glucocorticoids. Some of these people take high doses that suppress your immune system. This can have the consequence that the body responds appropriately to a COVID-19-disease.

How should physicians react?

During the treatment with glucocorticoids plays no role in the treatment of COVID-19, should consider the treating physicians for each Person that was previously treated with glucocorticoids and their condition worsens with COVID-19, intravenous stress doses into consideration.

Don’t put on their own drugs!

These recommendations apply only to certain groups of patients. People should not get the idea to change the scheme of taking their medication independently. You talk with your doctor about this issue. (as)