Give a big boost to your health with this simple drink

This potent drink is great for fighting the common cold and mild coughs.

Everybody knows what ginger tea is, and what its health benefits are. But have you heard about ginger water? And can it be as beneficial to health as the ginger tea? As a spice, ginger does a great job in keeping the body healthy. It is known to fight many seasonal infections and boost the immunity, while also being extremely delicious. With summers already here, it is important that you keep yourself healthy and hydrated. It is, therefore, mandatory that you know everything about ginger water. Read on.

As the name suggests, ginger water is a drink which has both ginger and water, and ideally nothing else. It is quite simple to make. For this, you will need a teaspoon of finely chopped ginger, which you will add to a cup of boiling water. Put the gas on in high flame and let it brew for a few minutes. Next, you must strain it and then drink the healthy concoction after it cools down a bit. This is when you can add a little bit of honey for taste and squeeze a bit of lemon juice for additional health benefits. Your drink is ready, sit down with the entire family and have it every morning or evening.

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As mentioned before, ginger is a super-spice. Which means, it is loaded with nutrients ranging from vitamins A, C and E and some antioxidants. It is also rich in minerals like magnesium, potassium, copper, to name a few. When they all come together in the form of a drink, they give the body a big immunity boost and also keep it hydrated. Ginger water makes sure you feel great inside and out, and are able to take on challenges related to health head on.

This potent drink is great for fighting the common cold and mild coughs. It can used to prevent these, too. By having this water every day, you prepare your body gradually. Also, for people who suffer from nausea, and digestive issues, this drink is a must. It can give you instant relief. Have this early in the morning, right after you wake up and feel the difference almost instantly. It is believed that the water can boost metabolism and help you lose some extra weight, while also keeping your gut and cognitive health.

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Also, in nature, water is great for keeping the skin healthy, since it can flush out toxins from the body. Expect a naturally-glowing skin in a few days. Are you going to incorporate this drink in your diet?

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