Here’s Why Your Dreams Have Been So Weird In Isolation

But for the past four weeks (or more specifically, since I’ve been strict with self-isolating,) it feels like whack dreams are becoming my new norm. And, by the looks of Twitter, I’m not the only one complaining…

The good news? At a time where there’s so much uncertainty in the world (hello, impending sense of doom!), vivid dreams are pretty understandable.

“The more intense, bizarre and stressful the dream, the more likely you are to remember it and stressful times breed stressful dreams,” professional dream analyst Lauri Lowenberg told GQ Magazine. “This virus and the quarantine is top of the mind for most of us, as it affects us psychologically and has changed our behaviour and routines. That stream of consciousness we have during the day is now filled with thoughts of fear, frustration and stress that continue into the night and into our dreams.”

Add this to the fact that most of us are lying in bed longer than usual (one of the many perks of WFH, eh?) Not only does this make our “dream recall” easier to tap into, it also increases our chance of entering REM sleep – the quality kind, where dreams are more likely to occur.

Over waking up exhausted? I’m hearing you, sister-friend. Try these tips, courtesy of Metro UK.

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