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Renal Denervation: a minimally invasive intervention for lowering blood pressure

More than every third Person in Germany has an elevated blood pressure. Hypertension is the most common cause of heart attacks, strokes and cardiovascular incidents. In General, hypertension will be treated with medication. Many people do not want to regularly take medications, do not tolerate or forget to take. A new therapy can help here.

The so-called renal Denervation has been shown in a U.S. pivotal study to be effective. The method was tested on 46 centres in nine different countries (also in Germany) in 331 patients. In the case of renal Denervation is a minimally invasive surgery of the renal nerves, lowers the blood pressure significantly. The results of the study were recently published in the renowned journal “The Lancet”.

High blood pressure is often treated with medication

Between 30 and 50 percent of Germans increased blood pressure. There are numerous methods to deal with them. If you can’t get through regular exercise, losing weight and healthy diet the blood pressure in the handle, engages in the rule to the blood pressure. Here is the frequent Problem does not occur, that people do not take the prescribed drugs regularly or in lower doses, so that the treatment achieved the desired effect.

Blood pressure affect directly at the source

For this reason, been looking for a non-drug treatment for hypertension. In medical circles, is already proposed for some time the renal Denervation as such a possibility. The latest international study shows that the method is effective. The idea behind this is to influence the blood pressure is already at the place of origin in the kidney.

What is done during a renal Denervation?

In the kidney, the entire stress is regulated in the human nervous system. In addition to water and sodium regulation the regulation of the resistance of the blood vessels is part of this. At this point, the renal Denervation comes in. Via a catheter in the renal artery is verödetet at certain Points in the vascular outer wall of the renal artery. And exactly at the Points where the stress nerve fibers of the renal arteries extend, whereby the stimulus is further interrupted line.

What is the impact of the intervention?

All of the 331 Participants of the study had a blood pressure between 140 and 180 mmHg and were not receiving drug therapy. The subjects received and subjects with either renal Denervation or a sham therapy in the control of the effectiveness. The blood pressure was documented over three months by 24-hour measurements.

“In the group that was treated with renal Denervation, showed in this period a reduction in the practice of blood pressure by 9.2 mmHg and 4.7 mmHg in the long-term blood pressure measurement,” explains Professor Michael Böhm, spokesman of the German society of cardiology, presented the study during a Congress. His Team checked the procedure in the clinic for Internal medicine III at the University hospital of the Saarland.

Is admitted to the procedure in Germany?

“The statistical analysis shows a 99.9 percent probability that renal Denervation is the effectiveness of a sham procedure is superior,” says Böhm. Currently a parallel study carried out to investigate whether similar effects in patients and patients whose blood pressure is already being treated with medication. “We can conclude from the present study with results that renal Denervation in patients with uncontrolled hypertension offers a therapy alternative in addition to life-style changes and medical treatment,” concludes the Professor. The wide approval of renal Denervation is currently being discussed. (vb)

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