More than 2000 New infections in Germany – the number of new cases of death under 200

The Coronavirus pandemic, the world will continue to be in respiratory: Significantly more than two million people are infected worldwide with the novel Virus – 155.499 of them in Germany. All messages to the Corona-crisis and the fight against the spread of the Virus, you can find in the News Ticker of FOCUS Online.

  • The countries-Overview of the Live card to the Virus outbreak and the Covid-19 Radar facts and Figures

Conte: Italy relaxes the Corona-restrictions

20.58 PM: Italy fans from the 4. May, a series of Corona limitations and allows citizens, for example, more Outdoor sports and more movement possibilities in the own Region. The Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte announced on Sunday evening in Rome at the presentation of an overall plan for the gradual Opening of the country. Reuters/Roberto Monaldo/LaPresse/Reuters Italy’s Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, the last still have some reservations about aid from the Euro bailout Fund, the ESM, had disagreed with the agreement.

Coronavirus-New infections continue to decline – in the number of new victims is only just over 100

Top stories (19.37 hours): The number of confirmed Corona New infections in Germany is still declining. In the past 24 hours 1.349 people with the Sars-Cov-2-Virus infected – a total of now 155.499 are affected. In the days before the rise of the Numbers around 1,800 (Saturday) and 2.300 (Friday) fraud.

New deaths there are to complain about 103 – on Saturday, there were still 180. Of 5,537 people have now died in Germany, evidence of the consequences of the Corona disease.

The number of Recovering amounts to 112.000, or 2,200 people, more than the day before. The reproduction rate is according to the Robert Koch-Institut unchanged at 0.9 – a Infected person infects less, it is a more people.

Here you will find the currently reported Figures by the health ministries of the countries.

  • Baden-Württemberg: 31.017 (1249 Deaths)
  • Bavaria: 41.295 (1613 Deaths)
  • Berlin: 5644 (125 Deaths)
  • Brandenburg: 2780 (128 Deaths)
  • Bremen: 754 (27 Deaths)
  • Hamburg: 4636 (140 Deaths)
  • Hesse: 7965 (320 Deaths)
  • Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: 672 (16 Deaths)
  • Lower Saxony: 9909 (397 Deaths)
  • North Rhine-Westphalia: 31.657 (1096 Deaths)
  • Rhineland-Palatinate: 5873 (149 Deaths)
  • Saarland: 2512 (124 Deaths)
  • Saxony: 4541 (147 Deaths)
  • Saxony-Anhalt: 1516 (37 Deaths)
  • Schleswig-Holstein: 2630 (96 Deaths)
  • Thuringia: 2098 (73 Deaths)

Total: State 26.04., 19.23 PM, 155.499 (5737 Deaths)

Stand from the day before: the state of 25.04., 19.39 PM, 154.150 (5634 Deaths)

Source to be Infected – and death-figures: country health and social ministries.

The number of Healed, according to the Robert Koch Institute in Germany, with about 112,000

Currently, the RKI reported reproduction number: of 0.9 (as of 26.04.)

26-Year-old dies in eat to follow the Coronavirus

Top news (18.35 PM): so Far, are under de death victims in the Corona-crisis, especially the elderly or people with pre-existing conditions. Now, the “WAZ” reported on the case of a 26-Year-old, in food, died on Sunday at the consequences of the Coronavirus. The man had been admitted at the beginning of April in the University hospital in Essen, and had to call according to the city’s “no pre-existing conditions”. Details of his disease are not known, the man who did not belong to risk group died, however, the detection of a Corona of infection. It is the first case of such a young victim in Essen and the Region.

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BadenWürttemberg wants to in the future, also symptom-free people on Coronavirus test

18.49 PM: Contrary to the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) to Baden-Württemberg in the future people on the Coronavirus test, which there are no corresponding symptoms. Examined &quot to be now;even people without symptoms, but which are in close contact with Infected or recently sind&quot stood;, the country’s health Minister man Lucha (Green) said on Sunday. "A significant focus of the tests we rely on people who work in hospitals or inpatient care."

"A significant expansion of the Corona-Tests" a "very effective Methode", in order to keep the pandemic under control, said Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann. "Therefore, we have decided to leave in the future, significantly more citizens than in the past on the innovative Virus testing." dpa/Stefan Puchner/dpabild Winfried Kretschmann (Green party), Prime Minister of the BW.

The state government spoke of a "nationwide unique Strategie". They are ignoring, however, the expert opinion of the RKI: "Testing in asymptomatic persons are not empfohlen", it means there.

The laboratory costs for Tests in people without symptoms is not borne by the statutory health insurance funds. In Baden-Württemberg, is this still the case, according to the country, "until the Federal funding is regulated hat".

Loosening of U.S. States go even Trump is too far

18.22 PM: In the US, seething a in the direction of dispute concerning the further steps in the crisis. It is in the hands of the governors, the final loosening of the curb to decide measures. U.S. President Donald Trump called on Saturday evening (local time) on Twitter, carefully and with a mind to proceed. He wrote also: "Remember that the cure can’t be worse than the Problem itself." Reuters/Alex Brandon/AP/dpa Donald Trump in one of the press conferences in the White house to the Coronavirus.

In the southern state of Georgia have been able to open, for example, nail studios and hairdressers again. Even Trump wants to run back to the economy sooner rather than later, to normalcy, was this as a "to früh". The mayor of the capital city of Atlanta Keisha Lance Bottoms, called on the citizens on Saturday via Twitter to remain home. "If you just got your nails done, share these Numbers by noon today with your Maniküristen", you wrote. To do this, set up a table with the death and infection figures from Georgia and around the world. Policies of the White house before to see that the case numbers will need to remove before the decisive loosening over 14 days. This is not in Georgia yet the case.

Also, in the U.S. state of Oklahoma small shops like nail salons and hairdressers are not allowed to open again, in Alaska, the restrictions on Restaurants were also suspended.

Coronavirus epidemic: Italy reports the lowest increase in death has been for many weeks

18.08 PM: Italy has from Saturday to Sunday, the lowest increase in the Corona of the dead to pay for six weeks, registered. Within 24 hours 260 people died of infection with the novel Coronavirus, such as the civil protection authority announced in the evening. This was the lowest level since the 14th century. March, were reported as 175 Corona Dead within a day.

Since then, the number of deaths was always over 300. At the peak of the pandemic, nearly a thousand people a day died in Italy. A total of 26.644 people died in the meantime, to the pathogen. The number of new infection cases in Italy rose for the first time in six days, and increased to 256 to 106.103.

The Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte wanted to have on Sunday evening at a press conference the stages of a progressive loosening of the since 9. March, current output of explain lock. The relaxations are intended to from the 4. May begin. Then &quot should;a large part of the Unternehmen" open it again, said Conte of the newspaper "La Repubblica". Marco Alpozzi/LaPresse, via ZUMA

Until September, closed the Italian schools remain, however. "The health of our children is on the Spiel", Conte stressed. Experts evaluated the risk of contagion before September as too high, he said. Also, the Opening of restaurants and Hotels could take it. Italy has the highest number of deaths from the Coronavirus in Europe.

Singapore is to ensure a child of Asia

17.42 PM: The former Corona model student, Singapore has again a sharp increase in New infections recorded. The figure rose, according to health Department 931 – on the day before, it had been 618. The city-state, in the 5.7 million people, now has one of the highest infection in Asia. 13.624 Infected, there are now.

Most of the new cases in Singapore were the Ministry of health that again in the case of foreign workers. Around 300,000 of them live, according to estimates in community accommodation. There is the risk of contagion is high.

Kretschmer and Haseloff agree on possible Corona-relaxations

16.39 PM: The heads of government of Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt want to with common claims in the light of further discussions with the Federation and the länder on the possible Corona-loosening to go. Michael Kretschmer, and Reiner Haseloff (both CDU) voted on Sunday in Halle, the corresponding points for a Meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the other country leaders on 6. Of may from.

The Prime Minister speak, among other things, the re-opening of the stores of the 800-square-metre rule itself. Larger shops should be able to open it, if you have concepts for the control of visitor flows. Haseloff said, you need to talk about square meters per customer and a controlled access. "We need a nationwide practiced Lösung", Saxony-Anhalt’s Prime Minister said. Reuters/Thierry Monasse/dpabild Michael Kretschmer, and Reiner Haseloff (l-r).

Of Saxony, the head of government Kretschmer reiterated that the gastronomy should slowly get going again. You could think about a gradual loosening, for example, by opening only the outer areas. As an appointment, he’ll try to pick a period of time between ascension and Pentecost, said Kretschmer.

Despite output limitations: hundreds of people gather in public places

15.51 PM: The good weather is pulling the German back into the open. In spite of still existing output restrictions have on Saturday dozens of people at the Munich Isar gathered. Pictures show that it was isolated at the Isarufer very closely. The police was with the squad on the ground to keep the situation in view. FOL The police controlled the situation at the Munich Isar. FOL dozens of people gathered on Saturday at the Munich Isarufer.

On the Munich Gärtnerplatz have on Friday evening meanwhile, around 200 people gathered. Whether it was an arranged Meeting, could not say a spokesman for the police on Saturday. With the Arrival of the first Patrol, some people had already left the place, as it was called. Local residents had reported the amount of people as well. With gain, the officials controlled the present, to the second the time, or in larger groups stood together. “All were very insightful,” said the spokesman. Penalties had not been imposed. According to the Clues the police had emptied the place.

A similar picture was shown last Thursday at the Hamburg Elbe beach. There, hundreds of people were sitting, in spite of the Corona-rules is dense. Also, many groups were seen. Overall, Hamburg police reported ban every day about 150 to 300 violations of the Contact.

In Berlin, the police have their checks recently. On Friday, officials concluded, for example, a popular market in the district of Kreuzberg. “When the weekly market at the maybachufer not only the fruit & Vegetables but also the people any distance, you wait in front of the entrance close to the inlet & our speakers say only a little help, then no choice remains,“ tweeted the officials late in the afternoon.

This virologist on call, as before, to keep distance to other persons so as to contain the Virus.

However, there are also positive news: According to the first Saturday since the easing of the Corona-requirements moved to the city of Düsseldorf with a largely positive balance sheet. The regulatory Agency had found no major violations of the corona distance bid, according to a city spokesman.

Authorities are testing all of the 450 residents of a high-rise building on Coronavirus

15.01 PM: Because of the two families again and again against the arranged Corona-quarantine failed to have to be in Grevenbroich near Düsseldorf, all of the 450 residents of a high-rise complex on the Virus tested. 115 employees of the health Department and the Red cross began on Sunday with the Tests, as a spokesman for the Rhein-Kreis Neuss said. The Tests are for the residents in volunteer – who can, however, test must, as a precautionary measure stay 14 days in quarantine. Until the results are available in about two days, none of the residents leave the property.

Two families in the house had left, despite the proven Corona-infections into quarantine. Adults and children from the families have had contact with neighbors. FOCUS Online

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