From aiding digestion to controlling diabetes: Know the many health benefits of curry leaves

Curry leaves are easily available and can also be grown at home. They don't just add to the flavour to your food, but are beneficial for your health too.

Curry leaves are commonly used in several Indian dishes, from dals and chutneys to salads. They don’t just add to the flavour but are beneficial for your health too, said holistic wellness coach and nutritionist Luke Countinho in an Instagram video.

Curry leaves are easily available and can also be grown at home. Calling it an “Indian superfood”, Countinho went on to talk about their health benefits. They are rich in iron, calcium, vitamin A and most of the spectrum of vitamin B (can aid memory and skin problems), Countinho explained.

Benefits of curry leaves

Curry leaves can help treat various health issues, as Coutinho said in his video:

Are you eating ‘ curry leaves’ ? This inexpensive superfood can be grown at home and consumed on a daily basis ,,from diabetes to cancer,. To better hair. #curryleaves #holisticLivingfromHome

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1. Diarrhea and constipation: Boil curry leaves in water and drink the liquid. You can also make a paste of the leaves and mix it in your food or consume it with jaggery for benefits.

2. Morning sickness, nausea: Consumption of curry leaves can reduce the feeling of nausea or morning sickness, commonly experienced by pregnant women. It is also used for patients going through chemotherapy or radiation to reduce nausea. You can grind curry leaves into a powder and sprinkle it on your lentil dish or khichdi or chutney, for instance.

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3. Diabetes: Curry leaves are rich in iron, copper and zinc which help reduce blood sugar levels. It is therefore recommended that diabetics include curry leaves in their meals.

4. Boosts immunity: Curry leaves have antibacterial properties and can help your immune system. It is suggested that you have curry leaves while undergoing an antibiotic course.

5. Good for eyes: The vitamin A in curry leaves is good for improving eyesight. Vitamin A contains carotenoids that lessen the risk of cornea damage. Vitamin A deficiency, on the other hand, could increase the risk of night blindness, loss of vision and cloud formation, according to

6. Good for hair: One of the best treatments for your hair is coconut oil and curry leaves. For this, you can boil the curry leaves in coconut oil until it becomes thick and store it for three to six months. Curry leaves are great for the scalp and can treat dandruff, thinning hair, hair fall and premature greying.

7. Cholesterol: Curry leaves contain carbazole alkaloids which help control cholesterol production in the liver.

8. Digestion: Curry leaves are good for digestion because they help stimulate the production of digestive enzymes that break down carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Moreover, they can be used extensively in the case of Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s and cognitive brain disorders, because anything rich in the spectrum of vitamin B is good for the brain, added Coutinho.

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