Advance by the Minister of transport: Scheuer wants to transport a mask of duty in the remote

The Coronavirus pandemic, the world will continue to be in respiratory: Significantly more than two million people are infected worldwide with the novel Virus – 155.499 of them in Germany. All messages to the Corona-crisis and the fight against the spread of the Virus, you can find in the News Ticker of FOCUS Online.

  • The countries-Overview of the Live card to the Virus outbreak and the Covid-19 Radar facts and Figures

Scheuer wants to transport a mask of duty in the remote

Federal transport Minister Andreas Scheuer advocates for protective masks mandatory in public long-distance transport. He wanted to Suggest for the discussions of the Federal government, with the Prime Minister this week, said the CSU politician on Monday. In public transport, such as in buses, trams, metro and trams, is from this Monday to the Wearing of a mouth-nose protection in all of the länder, a duty, a cloth or a scarf is enough. From Scheuers point of view, it would be a "Systembruch", to make the long-distance transport is different, he said. He also believe that the citizens are ready for it.

It is important that in the railway transport in Italy and France, different rules apply than in Germany, said Scheuer. You have to rules at a distance even talk about it, whether 30, 40 or more percent of the capacity would be utilized. The railway was with the companies of other countries in the conversation, even the Federal government voice in preparation for a meeting of EU transport Ministers this Wednesday with other countries.

It should be given to whether the open German railway system could be maintained without compulsory reservation, said Scheuer, without in the question already set. Thus, Germany was always well driven, it is necessary to observe Hygiene and health protection, said Scheuer. It was a question of how passenger flows, particularly at large stations would be organized. A closed System would mean that customers have to book a seat in a particular train, as in the plane.

Here you will find the currently reported Figures by the health ministries of the countries.

  • Baden-Württemberg: 31.017 (1249 Deaths)
  • Bavaria: 41.295 (1613 Deaths)
  • Berlin: 5644 (125 Deaths)
  • Brandenburg: 2780 (128 Deaths)
  • Bremen: 754 (27 Deaths)
  • Hamburg: 4636 (140 Deaths)
  • Hesse: 7965 (320 Deaths)
  • Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: 672 (16 Deaths)
  • Lower Saxony: 9909 (397 Deaths)
  • North Rhine-Westphalia: 31.657 (1096 Deaths)
  • Rhineland-Palatinate: 5873 (149 Deaths)
  • Saarland: 2512 (124 Deaths)
  • Saxony: 4541 (147 Deaths)
  • Saxony-Anhalt: 1516 (37 Deaths)
  • Schleswig-Holstein: 2630 (96 Deaths)
  • Thuringia: 2098 (73 Deaths)

Total: State 26.04., 19.23 PM, 155.499 (5737 Deaths)

Stand from the day before: the state of 25.04., 19.39 PM, 154.150 (5634 Deaths)

Source to be Infected – and death-figures: country health and social ministries.

The number of Healed, according to the Robert Koch Institute in Germany, with about 112,000

Currently, the RKI reported reproduction number: of 0.9 (as of 26.04.)

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