Prince George Reportedly Shares These Passions With His Dad Prince William

Prince George may be royal, but he’s also a regular boy, too, who enjoys some of the same things as many other 8-year-olds — like going to the trampoline park with his mom Kate Middleton. But he has a special bond with his dad, Prince William, and reportedly shares many interests with him.

“He’s definitely a daddy’s boy,” a source told Us Weekly today about Prince George, who turns 9 this month. “It’s not just their physical resemblance, they’ve got a ton of the same interests and hobbies in common – even helicopters!”

The insider described Prince George as a “well-grounded down-to-earth little boy.” They added, “He’s very sociable and can chat for hours about his favorite soccer players, plus he loves rugby, cricket, all forms of sports really.” This proved true last weekend, when the little royal seemed to have a blast watching the men’s final at Wimbledon with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Prince George also works hard like his dad. The source told Us Weekly, “George is a hard worker. He sometimes needs a nudge like all kids his age but he’s very smart and right up there at the top of his class.”

And when it comes to his younger siblings, Princess Charlotte, 7, and Prince Louis, 4, Prince George acts like a classic older brother.

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“He’s very protective of his younger siblings and goes out of his way to help his mother with the household chores, especially when it earns him extra time on electronics!” the source told Us Weekly. He sounds so sweet and just like a regular kid!

Prince George also shares his dad’s heart for activism. Last month, The Independent reported that the royal organized a bake sale during the COVID-19 lockdown to raise money for the charity Tusk, which protects endangered species in Africa.

As he gets older, Prince George is even starting to look more like his dad and often wear matching outfits. It’s so cute to see him following in Prince William’s footsteps and bonding over everything from sports to fashion!

These relatable moments show that Kate Middleton may be a royal mom — but she’s a regular mom too.

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