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The Internet’s most sacred rule — rule 34 — states that “if it exists, there’s porn of it. If it doesn’t exist, it will.” In a similar vein, generic zma power uk without prescription if it exists, someone might be creative enough to make a sexual accessory inspired by it.

So if you ever thought about wanting to grind on Jon Snow’s sword, get off with a Doctor Who Villain or channel your deepest 50 Shades fantasy, you aren’t alone. In fact, there are sex toy manufacturers working tirelessly to create surprising and delightfully on-brand sex toys that riff on your favorite pop cultural moments — from your Marvel faves, your sci-fi reliables and maybe even a an anime or two. Naturally, a lot of these toys are clever parodies that flirt and wink at the movies and TV shows they’re representing. But that’s some of what we love about them.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite toys (admittedly a lot from Geeky Sex Toys — because they are just that good at what they do!) that are pop culture inspired to hopefully inspire you to inject a bit more laughter and geekery into your toy collection.

And just in time for Star Wars Day, there’s more than a few selections for Jedi masters and those who love ’em.

But we have to warm you: There’s some absolutely painful (in a brilliant but deep-sigh-inducing way) NSFW puns ahead. So reader beware.

A version of this story was published June 2020.

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