The Ina Garten Appetizers That Will Please Every Crowd

Remember last fall when Barefoot Contessa host Ina Garten presented her go-to appetizers that require no cooking at all, and she literally poured store-bought potato chips, salted cashews, and heirloom cherry tomatoes into a silver bowl? “Choose things that you can present as is in really pretty silver bowls, and everybody’s going to have a really good time, including you,” she said in her Instagram video posted September 2018. At this moment, we could practically hear everyone letting out a huge sigh of relief. We thought, “Thank God; if Ina does it, it must not be totally lazy.” And while we can get away with doing this for most small get-togethers, when it comes to the holiday months, it’s best to put a little more time and effort into your appetizers (or you know, just buy them all at Trader Joe’s). But what you don’t have to do is spend too much time scrolling through Pinterest finding the best, easy-to-make appetizers that’ll please virtually everyone. Nope. Garten has those recipes, too.

One visit to Garten’s website will leave you with plenty of irresistible beginner- and intermediate-level appetizer recipes, including everything from butternut squash and ricotta bruschettas and roasted figs and prosciutto (both beginner recipes) to pan-fried onion dip and tomato crostini with whipped feta (both intermediate recipes). But thanks to Garten’s slew of cookbooks (she has staggering 11!), we found even more appetizer recipes that food bloggers have covered on their respective websites over the years, many of which are just as simple and equally as delicious-looking.

Ahead are the Garten-penned-and-approved appetizers for any event, holiday or get-togethers.

Warm goat cheese in phyllo

Who doesn’t love phyllo-wrapped goat cheese? Plus, this appetizer takes just 40 minutes to make.

Get the recipe at Food Network.

Tomato & goat cheese tarts

Top puff pastries with thinly sliced yellow onions, freshly grated parmesan, garlic and herb goat cheese, sliced tomatoes, and herbs and spices, toss in the oven, and you have yourself delicious tarts.

Get the recipe at Food Network.

Sausage-stuffed mushrooms

The stuffing alone looks incredible; it’s comprised of a flavorful concoction of Italian sausage, scallions, garlic, panko, Italian mascarpone cheese, parmesan cheese, and more.

Get the recipe at Barefoot Contessa.

Camembert & prosciutto tartines

Published in Cooking for Jeffrey: A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook, these layered tartines are broiled for about five minutes.

Get the recipe at Williams-Sonoma.

Roasted red pepper hummus

Published in Garten’s cookbook Make It Ahead, this roasted red pepper hummus takes a mere 20 minutes to make. And after first bite, it’ll become a staple snack in your house; trust us.

Get the recipe at Elle Decor.

Tomato crostini with whipped feta

The most difficult part of this recipe is making the whipped feta, but don’t get too intimidated; it’s actually very easy to do if you have a food processor.

Get the recipe at Barefoot Contessa.

Roasted shrimp cocktail

A beginner recipe, Garten’s roasted shrimp cocktail requires only four ingredients for the shrimp and six ingredients to make the cocktail sauce.

Get the recipe at Barefoot Contessa.

Roasted figs & prosciutto

This recipe is so easy, it takes just three ingredients — fresh ripe figs, thin slices of prosciutto, and olive oil — and takes just 10 minutes in the oven.

Get the recipe at Barefoot Contessa.

Smoked salmon deviled eggs

For a larger party, opt for this smoked salmon deviled eggs app; it makes 16.

Get the recipe at Barefoot Contessa.

Herbed ricotta bruschettas

Really take this recipe to the next level by grilling the olive oil-brushed sourdough bread slices before topping them with the ricotta mixture.

Get the recipe at Barefoot Contessa.

Pan-fried onion dip

This pan-fried onion dip makes two cups — so make two servings, just in case it’s a hit (which it will be).

Get the recipe at Barefoot Contessa.

Ham & cheese in puff pastry

Another incredibly easy appetizer with familiar flavors, Garten’s ham and cheese-stuffed puff pastry requires just five ingredients and takes less than 30 minutes to prep.

Get the recipe at Food Network.


Last but not least, the lightest, most refreshing dip of them all: tzatziki. And Garten’s recipe makes five cups and does not disappoint.

Get the recipe at Barefoot Contessa.

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