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Plastic particles found: Organic starts callback for cream of spinach

The Organic GmbH North from Wunstorf (lower Saxony) has launched a recall for cream spinach. According to the company, were found in the deep-frozen product plastic particles. The foreign body but are classified due to their small size as not hazardous to health.

The Organic GmbH North of the lower Saxony Wunstorf back calling the product “frozen cream of spinach” in the 400-gram package with best before date (BBD): 07.2021 and the batch number L0027F52, as well as with the MHD: 08.2021 and the batch numbers L0044F52 and L0045F52.

Particles are color-well seen

As the company writes in a client information published by the Federal office for consumer protection and food safety (BVL) on its Portal “”,, the above mentioned product batches of Organic cream of spinach due to a foreign body is detected, from the market.

“In the case of the discovery of the bodies is suspected to be small white plastic particles. It cannot be excluded that these may be included in other packs of the above batch. The white particles are in the product in colour clearly visible,“ explains the company.

Purchased packs of the above-mentioned batches of Product can be returned in-Store. Customers will receive a replacement.

Foreign bodies are classified as non-hazardous to health

In food production it comes, unfortunately, from time to time, impurities or contaminants, such as aluminum or plastic residues.

Foreign objects in food can cause the consumption of various injuries and complaints.

Depending on the size, texture and Material of the swallowed portion may occur during Chewing, among other things, wounds in the mouth and throat. In addition, swallowed parts – depending on their size, can block the esophagus or the digestive organs.

If small parts remain in the body, they can trigger a sometimes inflammation. Even internal injuries cannot be ruled out.

However, of the possible foreign bodies in the currently recalled frozen spinach, take no risk: “Due to the size of below 5 mm, and their shape, the plastic particles are classified” according to the Organic farmers “as non-hazardous to health”. (ad)