Recently, hatred reflected back to him: Now hop company, defies the US President

The outrage over the rumored purchase offer of US President, Trump to the German vaccine producer, CureVac is great. The particularly interesting aspect of this bizarre Situation: Ironically, the last feindete SAP-founder Dietmar Hopp Biotech company funded. Now, however, Hopp defies even the most powerful man in the world.

Between Germany and the United States in the dramatic Coronavirus-crisis, dispute, a tübingen-based pharmaceutical company, is working on a vaccine. On the question of whether it had given the US government’s attempt to take over the German company CureVac for a very high sum of money, said Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer in Berlin on Sunday: "I can only say that I have heard repeatedly from members of the government that this is the case, and that we’re talking about tomorrow in the crisis staff about it."

First, the &quot had;World on Sonntag" about disputes on the tübingen-based vaccine company CureVac reported. US President, Donald Trump attempts to lure German scientists with high financial grants to America, or to secure the drug exclusively for his country, the newspaper reported, citing government circles in Berlin. The President of the U.S. offer according to the report, the company has a high amount in order to secure their work exclusively. Trump will do anything to get a vaccine for the USA. "But only for the USA", it is, according to the newspaper the Federal government.

We have an exclusive contract with the USA for a Corona vaccine for CureVac, according to a report in the newspaper "Mannheim Morgen" however, out of the question. "We want to develop a vaccine for the world as a whole and not for individual Staaten", the managing Director and co-founder of the main investor, dievini Hopp BioTech Holding, Christof Hettich said.

Dietmar Hopp is one of the founders of CureVac, most recently, he was met with hostility in stages

The SAP co-founder and patron Dietmar Hopp and the entrepreneur Friedrich von Bohlen, therefore, are also the founders and business leaders. Since January, CureVac is conducting research on a vaccine against the Coronavirus. In addition, Hopp hold committed to the organization, the employees, and also the main site in Tübingen, said Hettich more. imago images/Horst müller Gladbach-trailer show TSG-patron Dietmar Hopp with a crosshair

The last chop was due to a completely different topic in the headlines. In the German football stadiums of the big investor TSG Hoffenheim as an enemy of Commerce and Association has been identified to be critical Ultras. Among other things, even posters were decorated with the likeness of Hopps in a crosshairs high.

Several League matches were due to such and other abusive actions just before the crash. What it does say is in times of corona crisis, however, more. Instead, Hopp defies the most powerful man in the world, while his company fights for a vaccine against the COVID-19 Virus.

Altmaier praises CureVac for attitude towards US

Federal Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU), praised in the ARD program "Report from Berlin,” on Sunday evening, the tübingen-based company that for the US-advances "is not available. This is a great decision and a great Position." It was a "good news is that the company line is spoken in a clear text hat". Germany "not to Verkauf", Altmaier said. dpa/Soeren Stache/dpa-Central image/dpabild Peter Altmaier (CDU), Federal Minister for economic Affairs and energy, answered questions.

The Federal Ministry of education and research pointed strongly to the fact that the research with public funds will be promoted. "The Federal government’s financial support for the developments has recently strongly ausgeweitet", a spokesman for Minister Anja Karliczek (CDU), said the Newspapers of the Funke media group.

The vaccine development will be driven in particular through the international vaccine Alliance, CEPI which is also financed by the Federal government. "CEPI has, among other things, the company CureVac with the development of a vaccine beauftragt", thus the speaker. The government was in close contact with CureVac.

"The Federal government has a high level of interest, active ingredients and vaccines in Germany and Europe to produzieren", the Funke media quoted Federal Minister of economy, Altmaier. His Ministry had also referred to the provisions of the foreign trade law, according to which the Federal government have the option of Acquisitions of German companies from third countries closer look, "in particular, when it comes to national or European security interests geht".

Company "zuversichtlich" a Acts against Corona to find

The Biotech company assured the "Swabian Zeitung", a Takeover by an American company or the US is not standing in the room. "An offer for a Takeover, there are nicht", Franz-Werner Haas, for the production, management Board member responsible in the case of CureVac, said, the leaf in Ravensburg. While interest from the United States in the work of CureVac, but &quot was quite;Corona is a world-wide Problem, wir&quot work;. Haas added, according to "Swabian Zeitung" added: "Based on the findings from our clinical rabies-study, we are confident that we can also an active ingredient against the Coronavirus develop. We hope that we are up to the middle of the year in the hospital."

The Federal Ministry of health drew attention to the request of the German press-Agency Comments, the Ministry spokesman to the "World on Sonntag" ‘ve made. "The Federal government is very interested in vaccine and drugs against the novel Coronavirus, also in Germany and in Europe, developed werden", the newspaper quoted the spokesman. "In this regard, the government is in intense exchange with the company, CureVac." The company works according to the report, together with the Federal government’s own Paul-Ehrlich-Institute for vaccines and biomedical pharmaceuticals.