All for a headache

Headaches many people suffer from it. Depending on the severity and cause, however, may be completely different headache-types, which are differently treated. In the New pharmacies, illustrated by the 15. March starts the new series "Everything is against Kopfschmerzen" with the first part of the theme of tension-type headaches.

Almost every German suffers and headache. How to recognize the four most common types, what causes them and how you treat yourself, you will learn in our new series. The first part is devoted to the so-called tension headaches, which Affected feel at times as if to stick your head in a vise. Bird chirping, a phone ringing, a regular coffee maker: For some people, everyday impressions an ordeal. You suffer from a hypersensitivity to Sound, a hyperacusis. Without earplugs, patients no longer trust, often in front of the door, but this aggravates your Problem in the long term. More about this in the post If the world is to according to online at

The price puzzle: The competition of the current edition there are again 500 Euro to win.

Other topics include: Radon: risk to the health of A course of treatment for mom or dad’s cardiac arrest, Anyone can provide first aid

Individual papers in this issue can be found in full length here in the area of the New pharmacies are illustrated. You want to read the entire issue? No Problem: The pharmacy list tells you where you can get close to the New pharmacies are Illustrated.


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