The hospital staff is running out for them

The Yaba Mainland Hospital in Lagos, where more Infected were on isolation wards, was affected especially by the newspaper “the Punch” reported. In the most populous country in Africa have been confirmed, eleven Ebola cases. Just yesterday it was reported that a further Infected died of the consequences of the disease. The Dead man was a young nurse. You had contact with a consultant with the Liberian government, traveled in July in the metropolis of Lagos and there at the airport was broken. In total, there are thus, in Nigeria, four Ebola victims.

“The worst of it is on the quarantine station”

Add to that a doctors ‘ strike that has lasted longer than seven weeks. The few remaining hospital staff was currently working around the clock to try to save the patient’s life, it said. “Everyone seems to have a great fear of Ebola, and no one wants to help, which is a great challenge,” said the local health Commissioner Jide Idris. “The worst of it is at the quarantine station, many are just run away after the death of the ill-known sister.”

WHO: 1145 people died

Overall, the Ebola could be epidemic in West Africa is far worse than previously thought. Employees have found in the affected areas evidence that the true extent of the outbreak was clearly over the previously known Numbers of disease cases and Victims, said on Friday the world health organization (WHO). Officially were recorded up to 13. August 2127, confirmed and suspected cases, died 1145 people.

A suspected Ebola at Frankfurt airport was not confirmed on Friday. Shortly after the landing of a machine from Ethiopia, Doctors examined a passenger on an aircraft. The head of the health office, René Gottschalk, was clear: “The passenger was not suspected patient.” An Ebola infection can be excluded.