Feeling Overwhelmed? Try These Stress-Busting Habits That Work

Stress is not the same for everyone, as every person experiences stress in different situations with different trigger points and intensity. Some studies have shown that some level of stress is necessary for people to function, as it helps them feel the pressure which then becomes motivation to perform. However, taking too much stress has not done anyone any good, as it can result into burnout, causing decrease in productivity and, often, headaches.

Everyone copes with stress differently depending on his/her personal trigger points, situations and character

Organize Yourself

Organizing is never at the top of the list for people who are very busy with their lives, when, in fact, it should be. Clutter causes stress, as it gives the impression of fullness in a space which should be as open as possible to give a person space to breathe. This includes all spaces you spend a lot of time in, such as your house, your office, and your car. The best way to declutter your life is to box up all unnecessary stuff you gathered during 2017, and either give it away or store it someplace for a while before deciding what to do with them. Start every year with as little material things as possible.

List Down Your Top Stress Triggers

Take out around half an hour of your time and think carefully about all the times you got overstressed and then try to identify the source of the stress. Identifying the source of stress would help you figure out why that source causes you stress in the first place, which would help you develop a solution to reducing the result coming from that source.

Identifying what is causing you stress is the first step towards finding the best solution

Accept the Circumstances

There is a motto; this too shall pass, which is one of the best stress-reducing mantras that has survived the test of time. If the source of your stress is being stuck in an unideal situation, simply saying “this too shall pass” will give peace to your heart, as it will remind you that circumstances and situations change with time and there is no need to worry too much for something that might not even depend on you.

You can also choose to develop a mantra that suits your situation best. But simply having a mantra and developing the habit of repeating that mantra in a stressful situation would have a very positive impact on your life

Be Grateful

There is evidence which shows that being grateful has a very positive impact on a person’s life. The study, which was conducted by the University of California, suggests that simply thinking of five things that you are grateful for before going to bed and after getting up in the morning has a calming effect on an individual.

Make Connections with the People You Meet

It is a commonly-known fact that human beings are social animals, which means that we have an innate need to connect with each other on an emotional level. According to a study published by Scientific America, whenever we meet someone and have a good conversation with them, chemicals such as dopamine, which make us feel good, get released into our system. This does not mean that you must engage everyone you meet in hour-long conversations or try to develop a strong friendship with them.

Developing a connection with another person could simply be smiling at the cashier the next time you are at the supermarket, or asking the bank teller how her day was the next time you are at the bank, all the while maintaining eye contact with them to show that you care. There are two important things here: the first is referring to the other person by his or her name, and the second is maintaining eye contact with them when you are talking to them and when you are listening to them. Basically, this is you giving due respect to all people you interact with in your daily life. You will feel better because you would be making them feel better about themselves.

These habits are bound to take away the stress you experience in your daily lives, and help you become happier and more productive.

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