‘Advertising lie of the year’: Schwartau stops sale of Corny-protein bars

Whether custard, rice pudding or bread: Protein-booming food and are hardly imagine from the supermarket. However, not all products are as healthy as they seem at first.

In this category, the Corny chocolate muesli bar Schwartau, was nominated because of the deceptive promise of Protein and Lower Carbvon the consumer protection organization foodwatch to the ‘Golden wind’ bag drops.

With the choice the organization makes every year, consumers about the most blatant lie in advertising the vote.

False promise at the protein bar

Foodwatch criticized the Corny bar especially the two nähwertbezogenen product descriptions on the packaging.

The information suggesting to the buyer, he would be rich in a particular protein, carbohydrate, lay poor cereal bar in the shopping basket – a healthy between-meal so.

Reinforced the impression of the design of the packaging: bright Blue and a slender woman’s silhouette is supposed to symbolize an easy Snack.

The first disappointment comes when you read the description on the back: from a consumption of two bars, the product is considered as a protein source.

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Based on Carbs Corny promises of “40% less carbs than a similar cereal – & Cereal bar”. But the Lower Carb does not equal Low Carb.

A look at the nutrition facts shows: The bar is about a quarter (24 per cent) of sugar and 13 percent from fat.

Based on these data, foodwatch classifies the product as a misleading attempt to deceive consumers. “Advertising lies lost in the supermarket, nothing. Schwartau has to ensure that not only can be misleading Lower Carb bars, but really all of the dizziness disappear products from the range,“ said Manuel Wiemann of food watch, returning officer for the Golden wind bag.

“Schwartau is not a repeat offender, the manufacturer is deceiving the first Time with misleading health messages. We can’t and don’t want to Schwartau nominate each year for the advertising lie of the year.“

Schwartau is responding with the lies of Advertising nomination

After the announcement of the nomination of the Schwartau-press office announced in an email to food watch, “to revise the product concept of our protein bar will be complete,” as the consumer notifies the protection organization.

The current bar with the previous advertising promise on the package to remain, therefore, only a few months on the market. This decision had already fallen some time ago.

Regulations on food labeling to careless

That always Misleading and nähwertverschleiernde information can be made on foods, is the poorly implemented EU Health Claims regulation.

This is already introduced in 2006 a scheme should be introduced, to 2009, European-wide Standards and requirements for foods that promote health. However, this is not happening until today.

Laura Hindelang

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