Cancer diseases in Germany – but it also gives a good message

According to a new estimate by the Robert Koch Institute in 2016 were diagnosed in Germany, around 492.000 cancer. This is slightly more than in the last report, however, the employees are optimistic. The fact that the Numbers are increasing, this does not mean that more people are dying of cancer.

492.000 cancer Doctors in Germany in the year 2016, according to the report “cancer in Germany” of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) is diagnosed. For 2020 they forecast a further increase to 510,000 diseases. That’s not true, the experts at the RKI but pessimistic: “Fortunately, we have observed for many types of cancer, lower rates of Illness, but, nevertheless, the total number of cancer increases diseases due to the aging of our society,” said Lothar Wieler, President of the Robert Koch Institute.

About half of the malignant tumors were breast (68.900), prostate (58.800), colon (58.300), and lung (57.500). For the first time, the report also includes data on small intestinal – and anal cancer. Both of these rare cancers are more likely to be species that showed the least, but the rising incidence and mortality rates. That cancer will detected in a timely manner, is the ultimate goal of medical care. The RKI says: “The cancer registry as an important Public Health task has the goal to reduce the burden of disease due to cancer in the population.”

Survival rates to over 90 percent

For the first time in the report of nationwide data are recorded in addition to survival rates depending on the tumor stage at the time of Diagnosis. The prospects of Survival (five years after diagnosis) are therefore to a large extent on the nature of the tumor is dependent. They range from under 20 percent for malignant tumors of the lung, liver, and pancreas up to 90 percent for malignant melanoma of the skin, testicular cancer and prostate cancer.

12. Edition of “cancer in Germany” is based on data from the nationwide cancer registry up to the year 2016. The centre for cancer registry data at the Robert Koch Institute and the society of epidemiological Cancer registries in Germany to publish “cancer in Germany” every two years. Every five years, next Time in 2021, published by the RKI, a comprehensive report on the Cancer situation in Germany.

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