Two Coronavirus cases in France confirmed

The first cases of the Coronavirus from China have also been confirmed in Europe. In France, two suspected cases had been “confirmed,” said the French health Minister Agnès Buzyn on Friday at a press conference in Paris. One of the two patients will be treated in a hospital in Bordeaux, the other in Paris.

The Chinese authorities have intensified their efforts to stem the spread of the novel Coronavirus, once again, In more than a dozen cities, public transportation was suspended, so that more than 41 million inhabitants, de facto, were under quarantine. From the USA, it was reported on Friday that a second case of lung disease. Calculations of French researchers, the likelihood that the Virus reached Europe is up to 70 percent.

In the cities of Xianning, Xiaogan, Enshi and Zhijiang was suspended on Friday, the public transport. As the Eleven-million metropolis of Wuhan, from which the Virus originated, they lie in the province of Hubei. 13 Chinese cities are now due to the pathogen 2019-nCoV de facto quarantine.

Since the outbreak of the respiratory disease at the end of last year were confirmed in China, according to data from the 830 infections, more than a thousand suspected cases to be checked. 26 people died of the infection. This includes two deaths outside of Hubei count.

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