Unfulfilled desire to have children: Where is the help?

Many couples want nothing more than to have a Baby with. But not always it works out with the pregnancy right away. In the title of the contribution in the current issue of the New pharmacies is illustrated by the 15. April, everything revolves around the topic of fertility treatment.

Doctors today have many ways to help couples with an unfulfilled desire to have children. From year to year more and more children in Germany, thanks to such a treatment to the world. A guarantee that it works, does not exist. Read more about this in the current title contribution of the New pharmacies are illustrated.

The development of vaccines and the search for possible drugs against the novel Coronavirus, SARSCoV-2, run on high tours. The good news is that 31 is already approved and active agents may be suitable for the treatment and prophylaxis of infection. More about this in the post Coronavirus: 31 possible drug substances

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    Other topics include:the Cannabis from the pharmacy, bone fracture: ultrasound or x-ray Cluster headache: What is the excruciating attacks relieves

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