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This article provides regularly updated information on the COVID-19 outbreak, with links to useful resources.

The recent coronavirus outbreak began in Wuhan, China, in December 2019. Now known as SARS-CoV-2, the virus has infected tens of thousands of people in many countries.

To keep you abreast of the changes, we will regularly be updating this article with breaking news and links to relevant research and opinion pieces.

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02/27/2020 14:48 GMT — Healthline Media’s senior director of medical affairs provides some perspective

02/27/2020 11:34 GMT — The latest World Health Organization (WHO) report finds that the number of COVID-19 cases outside of China now exceeds the number of cases inside the country

02/26/2020 16:20 GMT — South America reports its first case of COVID-19

Brazil’s Ministry of Health announces the first case of COVID-19 in South America. The 61-year-old with the virus recently traveled to Italy, where there have been 324 cases of COVID-19 and 12 deaths.

02/26/2020 15:17 GMT — There are now more than 80,000 cases of COVID-19 worldwide

02/26/2020 10:00 GMT — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say that the United States must prepare for coronavirus spread

In a telebriefing, the CDC advised people in the U.S. to begin preparing for the possibility that coronavirus might spread within communities.

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02/24/2020 18:28 GMT — Woman with no symptoms transmits virus to five family members

A report in the journal JAMA describes a woman with SARS-CoV-2 who displayed no symptoms. This so-called asymptomatic carrier transmitted the infection to five other people.

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02/21/2020 11:12 GMT — Experts condemn “rumors and misinformation”

A letter in The Lancet voices the concerns of 27 scientists. The group condemns the spread of conspiracy theories surrounding COVID-19, outlining the harmful consequences of these rumors.

Read more about the paper here.

To read our feature article answering some of the most common questions and concerns regarding COVID-19, click here. For information on how to prevent the spread of coronavirus, this CDC page provides advice.

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